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  • Tried to get the AJ1 pine green, sold out in 5 mins....bullshit.
    not gonna bother any more can't compete with the fuckboi bots.

    was quite gutted as they have been the only release that I really liked in a while.

  • Just got these.

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  • Going to join the circus.

  • ^ saw one of those Polo Harlequins a few weeks back. Bonkers!

  • That's a golf m8

  • Yeah. I'm saying I saw a Polo Harlequin. The other week. Bonkers.

  • How do I get the suede clean again? It's some dirt, some marks from my coloured suede pedal straps and probably kebap sauce.

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  • SneakersER or Crep Cure

  • Anyone trying the Nike X Off White blazer raffle?

    (It's 2 pairs, not odd pair)

  • tried failed......but was only for the resells out here

  • although I do like the black ones

  • Fail too.
    Whites for me, but probably would have flipped them.

  • I entered 7 raffles I think. Fail on them all.

    Only for resell though so.

  • picked up a pair of reeeeeebok classics the Montana cans ones in the sale. really nice materials.

  • Aren’t reebok classics for the Danny Dyers of this world?

  • I need some advice. I have a pair of Stella McCartney trainers that are fluo pink/white plastic mesh outer with beige reflective flashes and a yellow neoprene inner. They've got oil and chocolate gelato (lol) spills that the washing machine won't touch on cold and I'm terrified of melting them or fading the fluo. Any ideas on stain removal?

  • SneakersER or Crep Cure as mentioned above, prob a good shout.

  • Ah, assumed that was specific suede cleaner. Tah!

  • Could take them to Jason Marx and see what they say - I'd say it's unlikely they'll clean up though tbh

  • won't be as good as hi-tec 4x4, the last vehicular crossover.

  • I went to the Stockx UK launch thing last week; Steve Bryden history exhibition was excellent but was mainly a room full of fashion bloggers only wearing Off White Nikes who DGAF about what was hot last month let alone in the 1990's

  • had a read on line about it, from the photos looked a good event, did you have a look at the fake off whites and real ones. i see so many pairs of off white trainers here in hk some have to be fake but to be fair they do a good job at the copy !

  • that was the 90's, this is now. middle class kids dressing like lads from Barrow.

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