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  • Alien day approaches

  • I mean I love the films even the shit ones but they are Terrible šŸ¤®. Look like tkmax reject workleisuresport boot.

  • Can anyone ID these? I think they are from ā€˜99 ish. I had a pair in dark blue/yellow that got stolen during P.E lesson.

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  • c & a? b^p

  • Nike air kukini

  • some how missed this message but thanks for the heads up!

    I saw they were out here but ended up giving them a miss. Couldn't bring myself to drop $300 on a pair. I have entered a raffle to go for a pair of the Fire Red Jordan 5s.

  • On a similar throwback ID request I just remembered a pair of Adidas sneakers I had as a chap, would have been between 1998 and 2000. They were quite futuristic with very techy materials and a zipper closure over the laces.

    Any ideas on what they were?

  • Reebok cancelled my order for the Alien day Bug Stompers (see my previous post in here)

    Managed to get the last pair of the Mountain Research ones from End.

  • Rather chuffed with these, possibly a bit bland and last season for here...

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  • Nothing wrong with last season, I wanted a pair of these last year but thought they were too pricy, I got lucky on eBay a month ago.

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  • Predictably missed out on the Fire Red Jordan 5s that dropped today.

  • I really like those free run but found them way to narrow for my feet. Future classic in my eyes

  • Yeah me too sometimes they do a cheeky second release.

  • Got a pair of adidas superstar womenā€™s boots in a size 6 which are too narrow for the missus, pretty much boxfresh.
    Ā£50 + PayPal fees and they are yours.
    Otherwise Iā€™ll try my luck on the bay.

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  • All you AJ1 fans should watch this weeks episode of The Last Dance (E5)

  • It was great!

  • Donā€™t suppose anybody has any Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 in a 45 theyā€™d consider selling to me?

    I would need them posted please. They donā€™t have to be in great condition.

  • Any suggestions for understated, black, comfortable, non leather, ideally cheap trainers? Looking for something to wear at work, I'm on my feet a fair bit and my two current options of Vans or DMs aren't great after a long day.

  • Nike Frees

  • Not a bad call actually! Cheers.


    Every pair of trainers produced emits the same amount of carbon dioxide as a 10 mile drive - and the industry is pumping out over a billion pairs a year.

  • I have enough to do LEJOG

  • There definatly needs to be a case for recycling trainers. I don't know if it's viable but the big company's could earn alot if brownie points if they could incorporate recycled rubber / leather.
    I'm definatly trying to resist buying as much as I used to. Be interesting to see how much carbon dioxide is produced for alot of fashion items.

  • Also what the fuck

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