Knee Pain

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  • This progressed a bit.....second night in hospital.
    Turns out I have broken ribs, a contusion on my lung and a small hematoma, luckily, not large enough to require a chest drain!

    Fucking pain though...... Morphine wasn't even touching it!

  • That's gnarly, hope you heal up quickly!

  • Has anyone recovered from chronic patellofemoral pain/chondromalacia/"runners knee"? Have had it for the best part of 2 years now, and has meant I haven't been able to ride much/run anymore. I've seen multiple (reputable) physios and had an MRI done - has anyone had much experience with such a resistant injury? Would be great to hear if others found a golden bullet after a while with it!

  • I've been fighting my patella tendinitis for 5 years now, 6-7 different orthopaeds (and opinions), 2 mrts, 2 physios... check eccentric squats (martin kobain's book) and self massage. I had good and bad periods and the worst you can do is, is to ignore it... if its inflamed, give it a rest and then whatever you do, start very slowly and write up your pain scores..

  • Yikes, slightly different to what I have but that sounds like hell! Just looking for any other options as I Should be too young to have to quit riding/running

  • I'm suffering with patella tendinitis at the moment too, really depressing as I can't run at all currently. Physio has given me various squat exercises and stretches etc I need to do, as well as supplements to take, but no improvement yet.

  • Make sure to check your runnings style as well, if you haven't. Heel striking did me a lot of damage, and doing Muay Thai and all the associated skipping work that put me onto a front footed style altered my running style for the better. That said, I don't run anymore cuz I hate it.

  • Yeah, that was the first thing I did when the pain started, fairly certain my running style is okay - although I do overpronate so have trainers with additional support, but can't say I have noticed a difference.

  • Thought I'd lob my experiences into the mix, I'm mainly just looking for an excuse to rant.

    I've been off the bike with "runners knee", "ITB Syndrome" etc etc for 3 month now -I was in so much pain that I could barely even walk for a month or so, no stretching or foam rolling was helping, generally a very shit time. I've seen various physios and GPs who all seemingly had no idea what to do with me; I asked all of them if my flat feet were possibly contributing to the problem but they all dismissed this as a possibility and said I just needed to rest and stretch.

    Finally suck it up and go private, and immediately the consultant points out that I've got flat feet and I need insoles in my shoes, gives me a shot in the knee to stop the pain and sends me on my way. I'm healing up now so I guess I'm happy about that, but I'm pretty pissed off that I had to resort to spending a shedload of money for a 5 minute appointment when 4 other medical professionals failed to identify what was apparently a glaringly simple cause. 3 MONTHS. FUCK.

    Rant over

  • Thread dredge

    Did anyone who had to go through the shitfest that is patella tendinitis give up clipped in pedals?

  • Yes, I did. Developed patella tendonitis in my right knee after I neglected gradual build up to marathon distance and just ran the marathon without proper training. Big mistake!
    Playing basketball on outdoor courts in the summer didn't help much either. Stopped using clip-in pedals because of the pain and never went back to them even though I managed to get back into running without pain through a lot of yoga and bodyweight training, especially exercises aimed at getting my glutes to fire properly.

  • what body weight exercises helped your knee, looking to do some out in the park I dont really like indoor gyms that much..

  • Not sure what is wrong with your knee but knee pain/dysfunction is usually caused by imbalances in the ankle and/or hip. Seeing a physio, sports massage therapist or osteo will help to work out what the problem is and then give you suitable exercises to strengthen areas of imbalance. It could entail glute strengthening on both sides or one side or one leg deadlifts etc. Hope that helps.

  • The only thing that I found helped was rest.

    But equally now I'm back in the gym squats and strengthening my legs seems to help a lot.

  • ta been will check it out more. I was just wondering if there were basic body weight exercises that help strengthen and support the knees.

  • Yep.

    Focus on strengthening glutes and ankle stability. Make sure that there is no pain in your knee carrying out these exercises. If there is pain you can find straight leg alternatives.

    Glute bridge, one leg deadlift, Bulgarian squat, Curtsy squat - perform with weights to increase difficulty. Also Clamshell, Donkey kick, fire hydrant for glutes specifically.

    If you go to a pilates class the teacher would provide a good variation of all of these exercises with some good core strengthening.

  • I did pretty much the same exercises as the others mentioned. I don't like working out in the gym neither. Glute bridges, clamshells and donkey kicks can all be performed with a resistance band in the park and at home. Additionally, before I got back into running I started working out with a jump rope as conditioning to avoid putting on too much weight. I did a hot yoga class twice a week for about a year, which went through maybe 10 of the 26 bikram poses. Especially awkward pose and chair hold for a minute or so respectively really strengthened my legs. I feel the stretching is equally important when dealing with knee pain.

  • Not really pain but I'm getting a bit of crepitis (creaking) in my right knee.

    Google diagnosis says its not really anything to worry about unless its accompanied by pain which mine isn't (but I do sometimes feel a bit of 'tightness' in that knee) or following a trauma, which mine isn't.

    I've had it come on after a long ride and then go away again after a day or two before but now it seems to be here to stay and I creak like a door when I climb stairs!

    Any other sufferers on here?

  • my girlfriend has the same. really thought it was the stairs going when she climbs them :') Went to see a doctor about it and he didn't really give an explanation, only said it was nothing to worry about when there is no pain.

  • That’s reassuring that a doctor hadn’t been too concerned about it.

    Means I’ll probably not bother mine about it.

    Might get to the point where I drill holes in my knee caps to add in some wd40 though...

  • So I have done a couple of longer than usual rides recently, had some clicking in right knee cap and now it's pretty sore (uncomfy even on a 30min commute).

    Any key stretches / exercises to try before I bite the bullet and book a physio session? The internet just says rollers, but I've never found them hugely helpful - any other ideas would be good. Pretty sure bike fit is right, so it must be me not the machine causing the issue....

  • Has anyone experienced a numb kinda feeling, slightly lower and to the outside of a knee?
    I have it, and it makes me very wary. I'm cycling to work and on up to 30 mile rides but am just really conscious of this sensation

  • If it was numb you wouldn’t feel it! It must be fine. (I am not a doctor - go and see someone who should have a clue, eg a sports physio)

  • Okay, a bad choice of words. Still keen to hear others' experiences.
    Calling the doctor tomorrow and will report back in any case.

  • anyone ever had bursitis? Woke up this morning and my knee is inexplicably fuckoed, feels hot/swollen and limping around like a prick.

    Debating on whether to go sit in A&E with the post-pub injury jakeballs tomorrow morning or if I should just lie on the sofa watching le tour with a bag of peas...

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Knee Pain

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