Removing Anodising

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  • I've got some RaceFace riser bars that I want to cut down and put on my bike but I want to remove the black anodising that looks a bit tired.

    I've read on other forums about using oven cleaner. Has anyone tried this? If so is there any particular type/brand of oven cleaner I need to use?


  • In New YOrk they call it anodiZing­ml

  • Cheers

  • The proper way of removing anodising is to have them chemically etched. All good metal finishers will offer this however alot do not keep the silky expensive etch which will therefore give a poor finish.

    A good finisher I know of is Aluminium Finishing - they have an expensive etch so it will give a very good finish once the anodising is removed.

  • Cheers for that.

    You don't happen to know anyone who does anodising, do you?

  • caustic soda £2 from off-license, chuck a few caps in water or hot water to go faster, viola!

  • Yeah but this guy seems to know someone who's totaly unconnected to himself who'll do it for you.

    wal2789s - you don't happen to know someone who offers anyother metal finishing services do you?

  • Stripped the red anodising off my c.20 yr old FSA Powerpro cranks - could go a bit further and get in to all the nooks and crannies but I quite like the remnants of their previous life. Also it was getting cold in the shed. Nilco oven cleaner, foamed up nicely in a plastic tray, encouraged along with a scotch pad. Rinsed off in water every so often to check progress. Took about an hour start to finish. Wore rubber gloves.

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  • Seems the best thread.
    Is it possible to remove branding from anodised parts without removing the anodising?

  • If they're printed on, nail polish remover, if they're laser etched, no

  • Ta. To double check. Nail polish remover won’t effect the anodising?

  • Does this leave the aluminium susceptible to corrosion?

  • I don't know chemically but in my experience of removing stem logos, it can take some of the anodising off if you are really rubbing it but I do mean really going for it.

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Removing Anodising

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