The mars volta

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  • is anybody else excited at the fact that the mars volta are coming to ireland this july!

  • Not even a little bit... over hyped eejits... not good in At the Drive In, even worse at doing the pseudo-psychedelic prog rock wankfest they call music...

    But yes, they are quite popular! :p

  • "not as good as the At The Drive-in blah blah blah blah..."

    the inevitable popular opinion to have! At The Drive-in were just as full arrogance and pretense as The Mars Volta, and arguably just as overrated. It's supposed to be decadent and full-on! I love both bands.

    EDIT: I should read your post properly, you dismissed both bands! Sorry, it was a knee-jerk defense. They are awesome though, and epic live.

  • Awh, just about to shoot you down with the "I have no 'as' in there sucker!", and then you go and read it properly!

    Maybe they are good live (god knows that RATM are, but everything they recorded after the debut album was soulless), but I just don't get the hype... but then that's musical taste for you, theres probably a heap of bands I adore that ye don't like! :)

  • all im saying is as far as the mars volta go, c'itrez le blah blah is a fucking amazing song that would be sooo incredbly difficult to play!

    so yes i am excited but no im not going to oxegen cos im away at bennicassim... prob just as commercial but hey its on a beach for 9 days.

  • Yes... definitively

  • I watched them live when their first album was released. I felt like they were playing the same song for two hours. Horrible. Awesome drummer though.

  • +1 the first album is practically the same song the whole way through

  • I saw them live a few years ago & I thought they weren't great. Soooooo pretentious. Having said that I like at least two tunes of each album & I would go to see them again.

    Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has a few decent solo efforts too, IMO.

    Van de Graaf Generator FTW.......

  • wat does IMO and FTW mean? is it one of those LOL yokes???

  • in my opinion and for the win, focking newbies!

  • in my opinion and for the win, focking newbies!

    fucking northsiders morelike : )

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The mars volta

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