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  • Polo is now played at the Gosforth park basketball courts on Sundays at 2pm and Thursdays at 7pm in Gateshead. Directions somewhere in this thread. Everyone welcome. Loads of mallets to lend etc.

    Ok, now we have our own forum, it's time to make the most of it by starting a dedicated polo thread - because we can.

    So here's the craic:

    We are going to be starting polo again at 6:30 on Tuesday 17th at the Gosforth courts where we played last season.

    We played on and off last year with a few 'proper' games. The standard is not high. Yet. But by the end of the summer I fully anticipate us travelling to play at least one tournament away from the Toon.

    I think we need to get together and have some kind of mallet building session. At the moment, i believe we have five + one ball, although obviously a few people have mentioned getting them built up. We've been using either ski poles or broom handles with PE gas pipe. I'm not sure how much of this there is left but it can be found...

    But in the meantime, it's not difficult to pick up at all so don't be scared - come and join in.

  • I just got an old golf club for a charity shop for a couple of quid so I'll lop the head off that tonight.

  • cool, i can maybe meet sometime this weekend if anyone wants to grab some pipe, think i have 2 bits left. just let me know

  • That would be awesome if you could reserve me a bit and then I can build my mallet up for tuesday. Think I'm coming in to town on saturday evening. Are you around then so I can pick it up ??

  • sweet, what's the recommendation for a mallet and can the courts be pinpoited on Google Maps? (I dunno where they are)

  • Ricky: yeh should be around tomorrow eve. Will pm you my number.

    OTT: My mallet is built the same as the guy doing it in these videos­

    If you want to build one, I should have a length of pipe left but you will need to get a ski pole or broom handle for now.

    We only need one more mallet before Tuesday and I think that will make 6 so we have enough for a game.

    And this is where we play:­=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=&g=ne32hp&ie=UTF8&­ll=55.006201,-1.618356&spn=0.000869,0.00­2843&t=h&z=19

    I think there may be some new people so if anyone is still unsure on how to get there we can meet them before on tuesday.

  • I like the fact that in that video-guide at roughly 45 seconds he tells us that golf clubs are virtually un-drillable ! :-( not good ! haha

  • Also, we could have a few drinks on tuesday after if anyone is interested ?

  • Been thinking drinks would be good. There's a pub right next to the court. Don't know what it's like but worth a go.

  • brandling has outdoor seating so would be good for bikes

  • polo tastic. im well up for it!

  • Phil/Ricky - did you manage to get together for extra mallet action? Phil, I've got a spare handle if we still need. It's currently got a pineapple attached to it to make a kind of fruit totem but this can be removed for polo*. I can meet you tonight if necessary.

    *This bit is not totally relevant.

  • Who needs mallets?! Just bring the fruit totem!

    I gave ricky the pipe on saturday so guess he has made the mallet now? If not I can maybe put something together at work tomorrow.

  • My mallet of doom will br ready to rock by Tuesday PM. Its been through an extensive prototyping stage and the final design will be settled on tonight. Needless to say it will be decidedly mediocre !

  • I went out on an epic ride on saturday. On the last leg all my crank bolts came loose. Not having an allan key on me, I powered on. Now I have no crank bolts. FAIL! I need to sort something out before tommorow.....

  • they just fell off while riding? do you mean the chainring bolts or crank bolts?

  • Er, bummer. I'm guessing you mean chainring bolts... I've got some double ones spare but you'll be needing singles presumably. So, for the purposes of the match tomorrow, I can whack on a second chainring, use the doubles and lend you the singles. When you get round to replacing btw, Hubjub have got 5 Stronglight singles for £5 at the mo. Give me a ring if you need them. I'm out tonight but can probably meet at some point

  • chainring bolts..... i was really giving it some.

  • You got home with no chainring bolts? Nice work.

    I'll swing by after work, but I might be in a suit without a bike. Still, will be good to meet up and see how Newcastle polo compares to Peckham polo.

  • just had a quick search and have 3 single ring ones and lots of doubles.
    i can bring some to polo if your going, or pm me on here and i can meet you, i live in jesmond if thats any good to you.

  • last week i got a new chainring and had to file down 5 double bolts and add washers. looks rubbish but it works good.

  • I'm looking forward to this.
    Who can we expect tonight out of interest ?

    1. Ricky
  • I'm looking forward to this.
    Who can we expect tonight out of interest ?

    1. Ricky
    2. Matt
    1. Ricky
    2. Matt
    3. Phil
    4. Pete
    1. Ricky
    2. Matt
    3. Phil
    4. Pete
    5. Gav

    I'm gonna be there. I've got some singles ordered from hubjub. Thanks for your kind offers though guys. I think I'm gonna bring a laughable and pathetic mountain bike tonight. It's the lada of two wheeled transport; ugly, clunky and unfeasibly heavy.

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Newcastle Polo

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