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  • It does seem your dislike for him is weirdly disproportionate to how well you actually know him.

    It's like he punched your baby

  • I assume you meant to say:

    Surely you're not trying to argue that you've not got some anti-Verstappen bias going on.

  • I don’t know him at all but I’m surprised how many people will defend poor sportsmanship time and again.

    As far as I know, he hasn’t punched any babies. Jos on the other hand… 🤷🏼♂️

  • It is very important to have a pantomime baddy.

  • Yep, your assumption was right there

  • In my very unprofessional and part time f1 watcher opinion, I watch Max and rarely if ever think "that was a great move, smart way to overtake", it's usually "ooof that was right on the edge, he nearly pushed the other guy off the tarmac." He seems to drive like the other person will always move out the way and when they don't there's crashes, let alone that brake checking incident last year.

  • ooof that was right on the edge, he nearly pushed the other guy off the tarmac." He seems to drive like the other person will always move out the way and when they don't there's crashes

    Going on your description the only difference between him and one of the sports all time legends (a legend not a great) is one of these adorning his racing overalls:

  • To be honest I'm not really up on my F1 champions from nearly 15 years before I was born.

  • I'd say the same goes for Senna and Schumacher (obviously), but also both Hamilton and Vettel during their championship fighting years. I don't recall Alonso being too bad, but he was up against Schumacher so was likely not the worst offender in his championship fights.

  • I assume you meant to add another negative in there? I’m absolutely anti-Verstappen.

    I think he’s a shitty person, from a shitty family, and a cunt of a driver who takes away from the spectacle of fair racing rather than add to it.

    FWIW, I'm with you on this. Can't stand him.

  • That's well... disproportionate sentiment. Strong words.

    What to expect on a British forum :D

    Edit: Excuse the above generalisation applied to this thread/place here. Discussions here are generally a lot more balanced compared to what I'm confronted with when I get sucked into the comments on good old FB (Verstappen fans....)

  • And there was me (as a Lewis fan) getting ready to defend Max. I think if you trawl through the last few years on here there's more anti Lewis sentiment (which in itself i has been discussed without shit slinging) rather than anti Max bias. Maybe the Covid brain fog is not helping me see the joke but the "British forum" comment seems like a cheap shot.

  • Odd comment of the day.

    Verstappen has regularly shown that he is flat out dangerous in a F1 car. He’s also a moody cunt but then there’s very few F1 drivers that seem to be likeable, exceptions are few and far between.

    I’ve lived in the Netherlands for about 12 years in a long distant past. Also have a passport to show for it fwiw. Still think he’s a cunt and tbh honest the last thing F1 needed imo is another “huge” partisan section/loud minority of fans that will defend their hero whatever happens on the track as long as he wins.

    Good thing is that as soon as RB fail to deliver a winning car they’ll hopefully all crawl back under the rock they came from.

  • Anywho at least the Covid is allowing me to catch up on all the unseen gems from the weekend. Current highlights include Seb in the FW14b (Seb in general over the weekend has been gold), Martin Brundle ignoring Nadine Dorries several times on the pit walk and Schumacher celebrating like a champ after his first points.

  • Gotta hand it to Tsunoda for ruining 75% of the RB/AT drivers' races, that's some efficiency right there. Probably destined for a seat in the Ferrari strategy team at this point:

    I mean, Max's dad is a prick so it's deserved ;)

  • I enjoy watching max. He is aggressive no doubt but to say he is any worse than any other f1 driver racing for the championship, i dunno.

    Theres so many ways to spin any situation in f1 so theres really little point. Lewis was also very tough when he had to be. But often he did not as his car and skill package did not require him to be for many seasons. I often feel like one would require "var" to see who actually got the racing line or which wheel is where at what point etc. Cant be easy to do at those speeds for the drivers.

    I think max beeing on top and mercedes is lagging is a good thing for F1 tho and tbh i like Lewis more now than i did 2 seasons ago. I think he has shown tremendous patience despite beeing in the situation he is in. Champion stuff no doubt imo.

    Found myself hoping he would win (which i havent for quite a few seasons, guess im a fan of underdogs) and i think he would have if not for that safety car. Just felt like he had the advantage before that inching away at that small lead the Ferraris had at that point. Emediate reaction was ofc that it would be to Lewis advantage when safety car sign appeared but turned out on fresh softs they were all equally quick so his speed on the previous set was a bigger advantage and a clean race from that point would have been more beneficial for him in hindsight i think.

  • Yeah largely agree, Max came into the fold during an era of Merc dominance and he showed what he could do with an ok car. I do think as someone mentioned recently that the RB chassis has flattered a lot of drivers but to pull off wins has normally taken something special. He does push limits and he has failed spectacularly taking others with him but i think the notion of fair racing in F1 is somewhat misleading given the performance gaps and i think the Merc era would off been a bit shit without him.

    Optics probably plays a role as well, up until this year i suspect he's been involved in more battles/overtaking than any other driver.

  • For perspective, and viewed extremely uncharitably, Russel looks pretty dangerous if you consider that he has been the key element of two enormous shunts over the last two seasons.

    I assume he’s not but I do feel there is much bed-wetting over Max’s supposed ‘lack of sportsmanship’. F1 would be infinitely shitter without him.

    failed…taking others with him

    Holland disagrees I suspect?

  • @jono84 @jaw Excuse the generalisation. I have edited the post.

    Having followed F1 for 30 odd years, most of the top guys showed cuntish behaviour (except for Hakkinen?). I like Max in that he's a super fast but a little rough on track and doesn't come a across like some nutured media trained soccer player with zero original thoughts off track. What's worse these days is the whole broken social media circus filled with amplified cuntism. So reading strong sentiments does trigger me, I'll put the filter back on :).

  • (except for Hakkinen?)

    I'd probably add Raikkonen and Button to that list. Button was certainly a bit of a Irvine-like prick in his early days though

  • I don't like Verstappen and his surrounding including his dad, his girlfriend's dad and Horner and you're not going to change it

  • Picture of Guanyu's car where the roll hoop attaches. Apparently it's not a hoop on this car, it's a carbon blade. Looks like it is bonded on [edit: top right, the pink stuff is the remnants of the adhesive] and it sheared clean off!

    The Halo took a proper battering!

  • That’s against regs, right?

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Formula One ( F1 )

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