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  • Haven't watched it, but I'd love if he had the emissions figures for his season's worth of driving an F1 car compared with the average family holiday's flights. Given the full season's worth of the entire field of F1 cars running for all sessions uses less fuel than a single transatlantic passenger jet flight, I don't think the cars are the issue!

  • Yeah cars going round in circles are always the easy target but as he rightly pointed out it's the travelling circus that's a much bigger issue. Unfortunately he (or no one else) has a good answer for that one i respect the fact he didn't do the QT politician thing and point at other sports as being hugely problematic and not garnering the same focus.

  • Unfortunately he (or no one else) has a good answer for that one

    Get rid of all the non-European races? ;)

  • Just race in Jeddah for the entire season. It's close to the fuel so that doesn't need shipping either (I am obviously not a petroleum engineer) and I guess rubber in tyres is from oil so that can be there too (ditto for not being a tyre engineer).

    Edit - friend of mine is in Jeddah for 4 weeks for work. She had to have a training day to explain what to do and not do to avoid causing offence as a woman. Doesn't feel like a fun trip.

  • Interesting racing at Monaco?!

    Awesome stuff here:

  • Don't think Charles will be getting his rental deposit back on this one........

  • There was a video of him driving that car (I assume) on the Ferrari test track. It did not look like a comfortable experience for him, wheelspin non-stop.

  • I think that was Giles Villeneuve's 312T.

    But yeah kind of highlights the difference between 2 different eras of ground effect car. Even with porpoising the modern cars look much easier to drive.

  • He reported having brake issues when it happened, not sure if it was a mechanical issue, or just oil/debris. But yeah, let's hope that's his annual Monaco crash out of the way for this year!

  • Even with porpoising the modern cars look much easier to drive.

    Quick one on this, I'm sure folks like James Hunt or Nigel Mansell would have struggled to last more than a few laps in modern cars at full pelt. Easy is a pretty general term and while H-pattern gear shifters and foot operated clutches might make the older ones more tricky to drive. The stamina and reaction times required to drive modern cars is on another level I'm sure.

  • Given that both of your examples had the drive and determination to win a title I'm confident that they would have been able to develop the stamina and reaction times. Both of these things can be coached much more effectively than the single minded levels of determination required to succeed at that level, in any era of the sport.

    Whether Hunt especially could have reigned in his natural exuberance and personality enough to not have sponsors running for the hills is another question though. I don't think any modern team would give someone like that a drive.

  • And likewise I'm sure the current flock could learn to drive a 70's era F1 car competitively.

    Taking a professional driver and putting them into a car that drives significantly differently doesn't prove that car is more difficult to drive than the one they're used to surely?

  • Looks like a proper 3-way fight this weekend, exciting times!

  • Oh Sainz...

  • Verstappen pitting right behind Russell? Red Bull been poaching Ferrari's strategy folks?

  • when will highlights be on? sorry if stupid q

  • -> Live TV -> TV guide usually tells you.

    Assuming you mean C4 highlights.

  • Maybe the racing needs more random lottery ball DRS opening. That was quite exciting racing up to that point.

  • Lottery doesn't make sense but it would be good to have a limited number per race or per battle (however you'd define that...).

    That would also cut out DRS trains.

  • A lot more drama than expected made that an enjoyable watch. Max vs George was good for what it was and Lewis scrambling back from 19th was impressive (yeah, yeah, car was lighter after toys thrown out...). Hope Ferrari not doing a Ferrari too soon.

    Seems like a lot of midfield drivers still not getting to grips with the new cars, looking at you Ricciardo.

  • Bottas earning his pay week in week out.

  • I'm not a fan of Lewis anyway, but that squinny yesterday proved exactly why, to me. Ready to give up and call it a day, then ends up finishing 4th or whatever it was. Just do your bloody job mate.

  • Ricciardo

    I really like the guy but he struggled for most of his time at Renault and now it's the same at McLaren. Maybe there are better drivers out there...

  • Max vs George

    George's repass on Max at T1 was awesome to watch

  • I'm betting he'll be off to Indycar next season

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Formula One ( F1 )

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