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  • This is farcical, and brilliant.

    Verstappen just appears desperate, it's embarrassing.

  • FIA message to Mercedes - borderline black and white flag for Hamilton.

    Everyone else - have you watched verstappen this season!!?!

  • Never wanted a driver to p**cture as much as this before

  • Ok, time for full Hamilton charge beast mode then.

  • Calling a Senna/Prost style finale in Abu Dhabi.

    Also, classic TV director showing the leader coasting to victory completely ignoring a damn close fight behind.

  • Gutted for ocon

  • Mental end. Well done Bottas

  • Ocon :’( my favourite driver!

  • Oh FfS

  • This is bonkers

  • How bitter are Max’s answers. There are subtitles but I don’t speak German well enough to follow

  • I thought he was pretty calm in the interview. Non committal answers and ‘happy’ with 2nd place.

    Assume he’s fuming but fair play.

  • Haha! Oh shit, I’ve just realised that I paused this for 25 mins before the start. Been wondering why none of the comments on the thread for last hour made any sense.

  • LOL.

    That’s fucking hilarious.

    Now I want to know what each of your comments were about. Some / most of them seemed to match the live stream…

  • I assume it’s a Prost senna end to the season then with Max winning on the win count. Hopefully the FIA are having words with red bull about it after today.

  • Absolutely. They'd be daft to do something so blatant

  • Bizarre!? No idea if it is a rule but it would seem to make sense that if you have to give a position back, you should move off the racing line to do it.

  • Never thought we'd be going to a race in Abu Dhabi and my primary thought is "Well, at least it'll provide some better racing"

    Whoops! Didn't mean that as a reply!

    I guess it rarely ends up being consequential so they've never had to be explicit. I think they did add that you can't gain an advantage while handing the place back after Hamilton's move at Spa 2008. So I would think Verstappen's similar move in handing the place back wouldn't have counted (had he not gotten the penalty applied)

  • Highlights on C4 should be getting to the start soon. Was half-watching earlier with one earphone, think this shitshow merits my actual attention.

    Watched the first two F2 races of the weekend then tuned in to F2 today just in time for halfway through the first red flag, so wasn't expecting much quality from the F1.

  • Verstappen penalised (10 sec) for applying 69 (nice) bar braking force / 2.4g deceleration when Lewis was behind him.

    Brake checked him as he’s done before with his own teammate.

    Penalty does not alter the race result in any way though >>>>>>

  • *69 bar / 1000psi

    According to stewards report. Does seem like a lot (edit. of force to put through your foot - psi possibly correct then?)

  • Edited. Thanks.

    Assume the brake pedal has a multiplicative effect as it’s a lever?

  • I'm surprised the penalty wasn't more harsh.

    Letting a driver past should only require a lift of the throttle while clearly keeping to one side of the track - as when being lapped - not slowing from 300 to 100 kph while moving all over the place. Verstappen was clearly pissed and being deliberately awkward.

    No idea what the protocol is for this but in hindsight it would make sense to confirm the driver behind knows what's happening before the one ahead is told to do anything.

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Formula One ( F1 )

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