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  • Would be fancy a bet on Leclerc winning today (if he doesn't take out/get taken out by Max at the first corner)

  • Well that was certainly worth watching. Red Bull suits Checo well, although I’m sure he hates Max.

  • Well I guess my Leclerc call was looking half-decent for a few laps at least. Loved the classic Ferrari pit-wall messages:

    "If I stay out on these tyres, where will I likely finish?"
    "If you stay ahead of Bottas, you'll be P1"

    Real helpful guys... Must be odd for newer fans to hear people talking about Ferrari's strategic mastery back in the early 2000s, when compared with the last decade.

  • Apart from a short bit of nice side-by-side racing with Perez and Hamilton, I thought it was a bit of a dull race. I thought the rate at which the Merc came through the field with the new engine is going to be devastatingly quick at the next couple of races.

  • Yeah, for a wet race it was remarkably processional. The tense "will they won't they" on the race long inters was interesting. It really needed the track to get to slicks for that nice bit of pitstop lottery as they try to judge the moment. Seb gave it his best effort but lol.

  • Tsunoda's robust defence against Hamilton was unexpected and good I thought, at least compared to the rest, Perez being the other exception.

  • Mika Hakkinen racing at the upcoming Race of Champions, looks like they've ditched the stadium format in favor of snow/ice racing. Should be interesting to see how that pans out, but I did quite like the stadium format!

  • That was tense.

  • It's not quite on par with 2010, but with the Red Bull/Mercedes & McLaren/Ferrari battles, it's a great season for specators!

  • Indeed. Can't remember being so interested in a title battle.

  • They Ferrari mclaren battles were particularly good I thought

  • Bets on a race-ending crash for Hamilton and/or Verstappen into T1?

    Edit: Happy to be wrong at both the start and restart!

  • Love how little a shit Mexico gives that two people finished above perez

  • Finishing on the podium virtually guarantees him national celebrity status. If he ever gets P1 at home, he’ll never pay a bar tab in Mexico again.

    Actually I take that back- if he ever wins an F1 race at home, he’ll definitely become more famous but many will insist that the government or a Mexican billionaire paid off F1 to guarantee him a win, somehow, for the political optics.

    If he ever wins a championship, then he’ll eat and drink for free forever.

  • ^ Lol, amazing atmosphere. Sergio’s dad was celebrating like he’d won the race himself!

  • Love seeing Sergio's dad celebrate, such an enthusiastic character!

  • Finally got round to watching the 'highlights' of the Mexican GP. After a while I hit Google to see if the circuit is yet another fixed-radius corner Tilkedrome. What a surprise, it is. Hence yet more processional racing and no overtaking worth mentioning.

  • Apart from the first corner. Stunning move from Max!

  • It was a nice move, but it was only on because Bottas braked a good 10m before he needed to, and before everyone else around him did. If Bottas had actually been racing, there's no way he could have pulled it off.

  • True.

    Bottas has been spectacularly shit since he got the boot. Even more so than he was before he got the boot.

    Unsurprising I suppose, but still....

  • To be fair, there have been good races there in the past. These cars are just utterly dire for any decent racing. The fact that Botta couldn't pass Ricciardo and Perez couldn't pass Hamilton on that main straight is just wild IMO. Hoping next year's race will be much more interesting!

  • Wait until you see Losail.

  • Yeah, not expecting anything of interest there. Even with the MotoGP bikes it's a bit processional.

  • Definitely reckon that if any track should hold a sprint race, it should be Interlagos. Pretty hyped for this next half hour or so! Downside of a championship coming down to the wire is the sense of dread that the race will be over for the contenders with a crash in turn 1.

  • Sprint race is good so far. Hamilton charging through the field. Botta’s trying to defend against verstappen. Some good fighting in the midfield too.

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Formula One ( F1 )

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