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  • Alonso confirmed for next year, pretty happy with that. Wouldn't be surprised if that drive at Hungary was the trigger to lock him in for another season.

  • Huge crash at the W Series race today, thankfully all got away unharmed (edit: looks like a pair are in hospital, but I think everyone walked away at least). Pretty scary considering the Hubert crash 2 years ago:

  • Bloody hell, what caused that? Liquid down at the bottom of Eau Rouge?

  • Looks like it was just the rain. First place spun and everyone else spun trying to avoid it while already on the limit. Damn good endorsement for the halo. Does seem like a good few years where we haven't seen a major crash there though.

  • There was a nasty one in the Spa 24hr a few weeks ago...

    The notable thing about big crashes these days is - with one very obvious exception - the absence of fire. Seems quite miraculous.

  • Didn't catch qualifying live, but Russell P2, fucking hell, what a performance!

  • The notable thing about big crashes these days is - with one very obvious exception - the absence of fire. Seems quite miraculous.

    There's one overwhelming reason for that - deformable fuel cells. Dry break couplings help, but deformable fuel cells were the real game-changer when it came to fuel fires.

  • It's almost as if Bottas and Perez are competing to be the most useless number two.

  • Awesome days racing!

  • Yeah, make sure to watch the whole show, not just the highlights, if you missed it.

  • Huuuuhhhh

  • Good to see they've addressed the racing/talking nonsense balance in the highlights this week

  • Yep

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  • How do they award racing points if all the laps were under the safety car? That’s silly bollocks.

  • Got to say hats off to George Russell though, he skidded the slowest car on the grid round to outqualify three world champions, some far more experienced drivers than himself and the longest serving F1 driver of all time. Shame we didn’t get to see what Lando would have done if he hadn’t binned it at Eau Rouge.

  • Because it's in the regulations/rules?

  • I thought that Ricardo had a point - allow the drivers out under a yellow to circulate at a speed that would have seen the tyres shift a lot of the water off the track in order to see whether the visibility could get to the point where they could safely race. Of course, that point might never have come - but it would have been better than what looked like a very cynical "2 laps means a race was run" box ticking exercise.

  • box ticking exercise.

    Money grab, there were no refunds.
    -Adding: also TV, sponsors etc contracts. I know most big events explicitly say there will be no rain cheques.
    -Adding more: having read more into it, it’s not clear cut; shades of grey and lesser evils all over the place.

  • Been a shit few weeks for the Spa management... a load of crashes that put drivers in hospital, their CEO gets murdered then this. Probably finished 2020 thinking it could only get better...

  • Their ceo got murdered?

  • I'm glad the 2 lap bollocks happened, solely to reward Russell's P2 in quali. 100% worth it.

    Also, Williams double points finish two races in a row. Chances of at least one car in the points at Zandvoort? Apparently it's Monaco with wind and banked corners.

  • Apparently it's Monaco with wind and banked corners

    I'm guessing it'll be pretty similar to Mugello, awesome to watch the quali laps but a procession of a race.

  • Reports of Bottas to Alfa with Russell to replace him (obviously). I guess Williams have a better (or maybe cheaper) replacement lined up then; Aitken?

  • Albon and de Vries from F2 seem to be options for Williams

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Formula One ( F1 )

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