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  • I’d expect to see Bottas’ priority to be slowing Max sufficiently for Hamilton to be first into T1 above anything else, no?

  • I also don't see Verstappen passing Bottas in the first few corners.
    Toto mentioned yesterday though that RB might be going for a 2 stop race. Starting with softs that might work out

  • True! Will be interesting to see what the pit strategies are. Committing to softs for the first stint doesn't give your rivals a whole lot of uncertainty around your plan!

    I'd say RB got damn lucky getting Perez into P4 yesterday. On the plus side, should hopefully get a straight fight between Red Bull and Mercedes!

  • This could be fun!

  • Yeah, I'm excited!

  • Agreed! Very much looking forward to this! Can't remember the last time I said that before a race here!

  • Bottas causing all the lols.

  • Can't imagine he cares about the team game at this point!

    Edit: Hah! Well shut my mouth! There I was hoping we wouldn't have to listen to all this post-Silverstone bollocks over the summer break...

  • I mean, probably wouldn't count on Russell doing something like that, so maybe Bottas will hold onto that seat!

  • Executed to perfection, but probably not quite how you imagined. Bonus for 'slowing down' Perez at the same time.

  • I think Norris did a better job than Bottas with holding off Verstappen. He just went straight into him.
    What a crazy start

    edit: ah, missed the part where Bottas gave Norris a little bump. Perfect execution ineed!

  • I also don't see Verstappen passing Bottas in the first few corners.

    Aged well :-)

  • Where's Brundle btw? He normally manages to keep the commentary bearable but it's really suffering with him away, especially given Rosberg is the one taking his place. Can't remember another ex-driver being so useless in the commentary box. Would rather have DiResta to be honest!

  • This is fucking hilarious

  • Grim for Russell, again.

    Never thought I'd see a start more ridiculous than Indy 2006(?), how bizarre!

  • Also, the Alfa pit crew are having a nightmare this week, that's at least 3 unsafe releases this weekend.

  • What a race. Great performance by both Alpines!

  • Was reminded of this during Alonso's defence, glad he's back on the grid:

  • Sad for him; used to feel like a whiner when he was in proper contention, but he's turned into a proper (socio / political) elder statesman for the sport. Felt good seeing him on the podium.

  • I believe it's under appeal. Great to see him on the podium but i can think of a few drivers that would of likely found there way past Ocon in the car he had.

    Surprisingly entertaining race for Hungary. Hamilton vs Alonso was a great watch and i'm made up for Williams. Speaking of Alonso, Ocon's backhanded compliment was a bit awkward!

  • As a frequent critic of Ocon, it was actually pretty good to see him take the win. I'm a huge Vettel fan and to be honest I'd rather see a new face on the top step!

    Will be interesting to see what his next performances will be like as he's had a chain of utterly dire races recently.

    Still pissed at Bottas for ruining what was shaping up to be a great race. Though that was slightly offset by the utterly bizarre restart with a single car on the grid.

    Also, think Russell probably gained a few more fans today after tearing up during his interviews. Seriously hopes he gets the Mercedes seat next year.

    Also, also, Sainz in the post-race interview, poor guy (though possibly a bit happier having been bumped up to third):

  • Girlfriend and I have been speeding through drive to survive, which has been very enjoyable. However am I the only one who thinks will Buxton is actually just new man from phone shop?

  • Slightly OT, but highly recommend watching last weekend's MotoGP race at Austria. Incredibly entertaining race! Can watch pretty much the full thing here:­s/2a3100a0102

  • I do loves me some MotoGP, that was a good one!

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Formula One ( F1 )

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