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  • Marko/Horner are a pair of shit-stirrers at the best of times.

    Though I still stand by my previous comment of the F1 media needing something to latch onto for the up-coming summer break and will continue to push it. Consumers will continue to flood the articles/videos with arguments and media outlets will get their clicks.

  • Totally. Granted 51G isn't ever going to be pleasant, but everyone else is expected to put up with Max when he "goes for a gap"

    I suspect cognitive dissonance is an inherent part of a successful F1 driver's mental faculties.

  • Yeah. They’re hamming it up for sure. All a bit pathetic.

    I wonder if they'll threaten to leave F1. Again. Can't be many toys left in the Red Bull pram though.

  • I think it plays to their "We're disrupters" narrative; Mercedes are the big evil empire and they're plucky upstarts. I think they're conveniently forgetting that they took over a works F1 team, they've never finished lower than 4th since 2009 and won 25% of the championships since they took over Jaguar.

    Wolff should also just shut up though, it looks from the outside that he loves to have the last word which plays right into Marko and Horner's hands.

  • Absolutely. Live by the sword, die by the sword but hopefully only metaphorically...

  • yeah, i get that too. i'd love to see hamilton and verstappen just come out and play it all down.

    i reckon there is a bit of horner realising he looked like a wand at the time, so he is trying to cover it off.

    [ha - just read brommers' comment....]

  • I wonder how Netflix is handling their massive boner right now

  • They're currently working out details with Michael Bay to direct the Silverstone episode

  • Are RB essentially gaslighting their fans now or can they possibly have something new?

  • Lol.

  • All the moaning about the cost and their budget is doing my nut. If you've budgeted such that your boy can't afford to crash you're doing it wrong!

  • They can afford it, no problem. I just wonder if, with the budget caps coming in, we’re seeing the beginnings of a litigation era in F1. Essentially, if another team trashes your car and you can ‘prove’ it’s their fault, I can see teams trying to demand that the party at fault pays for the damage so it doesn’t come out their own budget. Before, they just brushed it off and pulled out the spare chassis and nothing more was said. There’s a lot more at stake for the top teams if it’s the difference between winning and losing the championship.

  • Yeah - understand it's all triggered by the budget cap. But at the same time, this was 100% guaranteed to happen. Chassis ending crashes happen, and they may not be your fault. Seems odd that nothing built into the budget cap to account for this?

    Moaning about it now makes for a rubbish spectacle. While I agree with the budget cap in principle - it does seem odd that there are not some allowances for either the cost of rebuilding a knackered car or a relaxation of the engine rule where it's clearly been borked by a crash, rather than general reliability.

    I'd suggest some sort of ring fenced budget that can only be released on application based on this type of issue. Budget cap = good - but moaning about it in public does nothing for the sport.

  • See Red Bull’s appeal got rejected. They just come across as really petulant. Not a good look.

  • While I agree with the budget cap in principle - it does seem odd that there are not some allowances for either the cost of rebuilding a knackered car or a relaxation of the engine rule where it's clearly been borked by a crash, rather than general reliability.

    How would you invigilate the engineers assessing the damage though?

    Power unit been run in qualifying trim a bit too much? Oh, it's been damaged when the car nosed into the barriers, whoops, better fit a new one.

  • Occasionally Twitter is wonderful. RB are getting slated and #karenhorner is trending!

  • Yeah, this is the tricky bit - but they have sooooo much data you'd hope those in the know would be able to set a threshold for something like this. Perhaps any impact higher than say 20g is needed before you even start to argue your case. F1 loves precise and random rules so doubt this is beyond them. Hard to game it too much that way - we've seen what happens when you crash on purpose.

  • Apparently some of their new evidence was video of Albon driving Silverstone last week in an old car trying to replicate Hamilton's line into the corner to prove he couldn't have made it around the corner. I'm not sure that most courts accept made up "evidence" like that.

  • Imagine how Albon feels. That’s got to be humiliating to have his time used like that.

    The whole thing is pathetic from RB. Can’t wait for the fall out from Max crashing at some point in the future. They’re behaving like it’s the first accident on the history of motorsport.

  • I already see them crash again on Sunday

  • RB had to fire an employee who was sending racist messages to a friend group...­19962419858878465

  • Calling a Hamilton win here, Perez is seemingly nowhere and Verstappen will get out-manouvered by a split-strategy Mercedes pairing

  • Verstappen committing to starting on softs? Odd strategic decision

  • Odd, yes. But if he makes it into T1 first, it could pay off. Hungary is after all like Monaco without the walls - overtaking is pretty much impossible without a Biblical speed advantage.

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Formula One ( F1 )

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