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  • I usually hate watching James Allison but I’ve got to admit this is a fascinating insight into the car and aero.

  • MotoGP is introducing pressure sensors to detect people exceeding track limits

  • Should be interesting to follow! I don't see what's wrong with just popping a top-down or front-on camera on the main hotspots, as they're generally known ahead of time.

    Edit: On the MotoGP note, I do like their use of a long-lap penalty. Seems like a less artificial penalty than a 5 second time penalty. Always great to see them push as hard as possible on the dusty rarely-used piece of track also.

  • Will Buxton has a YouTube channel and did a good explanation of the track limits thing:

  • Was just about to subscribe to the F1 app and found out that all sessions are streamed by my local TV station ( . Okay, the commentary is in Luxembourgish but beggars can't be choosers. Saves a few euros at least.

  • Only FP1 but Ferrari are looking strong... course they might be trying to look good at their "real" home GP

  • has a table counting the spins in each session.

  • Wow, quali was CLOSE!

    I don’t know how fast they’re going over the line, but if it’s 250kmh, 0.035s relates to about 2.4m and 0.08s relates to about 5.5m!

    Edit: it’s about 290kph, so a little bit more!

  • Anyone else see the Ocon/Perez crash? Utterly bizarre, looks like Ocon spotted (or was told about) Perez approaching, and instead of going around the first part of the chicane and sticking to the left, just braked and ended up right on the apex as Perez was coming through the corner.

    I'm not exactly Ocon's biggest fan as it is, but that just seemed bizarre. Like he was caught in two minds as to let him pass on the straight, or after the corner, and just ended up on the apex instead.

    Video here:­le.revealed-see-what-really-happened-in-­perez-and-ocons-fp1-collision-with-new.6­ucIzKVxu7j6qEATYycoRy.html

  • Lovely weather for it.

  • It's a real shame that the regs are changing next year as this is looking to be a damn good season. Still, I guess that's usually the case!

  • Do like this from McLaren (even if the actual GP itself may well be trash):­3742397511704584/photo/1

  • So.. Bottas thinks Russell is some sort of whackjob for suggesting that Merc probably assumed he'd hold station behind as he's a Merc-affiliated driver. Toto made the same comment.

    Sadly he then basically admitted that Russell should have stayed behind as he's a Mercedes driver sort of undermines the whole narrative.

  • I'll be surprised if Russell makes the step up to Merc before Hamilton retires. Unless RB can get some consistent results in the next few races and really push Merc for the WCC. Honestly crashing out was the best thing that could've happened to Bottas yesterday. That was a pretty embarrassing display. Especially how long it took him to pass Gasly on wets.

  • Another great race, Verstappen made it look a lot easier than it probably was. Red Bull and Merc looked equally matched in pace and driver ability at the front.

    Big result from Norris, when Daniel gets settled Mclaren look like they'll be on top of the mid field. Not a big LeClerc/Ferrari fan but Charles looked very good again. Ferrari vs Mclaren would be great to watch.

  • Would Hamilton really veto Russell though?

  • I don't think Hamilton would, no. Toto might hold him back* though. Probably doesn't want a repeat of the Rosberg/Hamilton chaos. The car is/was strong enough that Bottas was doing enough to ensure a safe WCC. Don't think that can be guaranteed going forward though.

    Didn't intend for that choice of words, but now this is stuck in my head:

  • now Lewis Hamilton Auto-tuning this to death is stuck in my head

  • Already been done, just not by Hamilton:

  • Gotta admit, drunken Toto Wolff cranking out some power ballads is quite the mental image. It's a shame we don't get photos like this anymore:

  • ^ Lol! What was that about?

  • Celebrations for Schumacher's 2003 WDC as far as I recall, apparently he's the one that knocked over the fridge

  • Wonder why so many Toyota shirts there... Ralf drove there from 05 onwards I think

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Formula One ( F1 )

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