Formula One ( F1 )

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  • Lol at Mazepin coming last.

  • MegaLOL at SebbyV. I wonder if his contract just says 'Make Lance look good.' If so, job done.

  • Yeah its very strange whats happening with him, maybe he's just settling in at AM.

  • In Q1 he got caught with the yellow flags when Mazepin spun at turn one, as well as when Sainz's engine stopped. So don't think 18th is particularly representative. But yeah, not a great weekend so far.

    On another note, damn strong start for Sainz. I'm sure he'll be happily surprised at the Ferrari's performance relative to the McLaren so far.

  • I've got £20 that says Aston sack Vettel before the halfway point. Anyone?

    He's a shareholder in Aston Martin (the cars part) so I would say that's a bad bet on your side.

  • I suspect that if he sucks as badly as I think he's going to then "a much more involving position in the road car side of the business" could be found that "really needs his attention at this crucial time".

  • Even more LOLz to David Coulthard on Ch4 referring to him being controversial (or something like that) both on and off the track.

  • What's the deal with watching F1 this year? Do I need sky? Are they doing that weird thing where C4 have highlights of some of the races?

  • C4 highlights of all the races AFAIK, usually on at about 8-9pm. British GP might be live.

  • And ending his race first.

  • I like to think I'm above enjoying the misfortune of others in sport, but Mazepin is definitely an exception!

    Also, loving the new safety car!

  • Any creative (and reasonably reliable) ways of watching live races that don't involve lining the pockets of the Murdoch clan?

  • His first race mind you

  • Also with a car that has a history of a very unstable rear end.

  • Seems a bit early in the season to break out the "Valtteri, it's James", surely Mercedes would want to split strategy against a sole Red Bull our front.

  • If you find the motorsport streams Reddit there will be a link to a website you can watch races on.

  • Oh no Verstappen, off-track overtake might mess this up.

    Edit: That was clever to give that straight back.

  • Idiot, I mean both of them but Coulthard should know better.

  • Great race from Hamilton. Managing to beat Verstappen whilst in a slower car.

  • I take it back, Vettel was great - proper racing. Great race altogether I thought.

  • Also, Perez is incredible. Red Bull look fast as fuck this year - genuinely excited that it’s proper racing again throughout the field (not you Mazepin).

    Pretty great start to the season really.

  • Really surprised at how fast mclaren were too, decent jump for riccardo too.

  • I'm also excited for 4-7th place fights. Ferrari have potential for a strong midfield

  • This ⬆️

  • Becoming increasingly convinced that Vettel's job is to make Lance Stroll look good. Maybe Haas could slip him a few quid and try to take Mazepan look good. At least he's be earning his money then.

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Formula One ( F1 )

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