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  • Edit: new page fail. Replying to Dammit about the King of Instagram. Google knew who you meant.

    Fucking LOL!­erian

    This is literally a clone of the Mamnick, Storey etc etc wannabes.

  • He's a particular type of white guy who fails upward, at high speed, until the web of bullshit that he has spun reaches it's elastic limit and fails - which is then described in breathless YouTube videos.

  • Andrew Benson really is a fucking useless journalist. How can these two sentences possibly co-exist in any logical way?

    "And Honda has brought forward a new engine that had been planned for 2022.

    The Japanese manufacturer is pulling out of F1 at the end of this season."

  • I know what he means but it’s lazy writing.

  • I don't! Maybe I'm being a big fick today, but I don't understand how Honda could have a new engine planned for 2022 when they're leaving the sport at the end of 2021.

  • Andrew Benson really is a fucking useless journalist.

    In other news, water is wet.

  • It was planned for 22 on their roadmap of changes. That they decided to pull out doesn’t delete the roadmap

  • Some hilarious F1 car launch balls-ups been going on. Williams did a virtual launch where I think you could view a 3D of the car in a viewer app and spin it around etc. A couple of people downloaded the render and found it was complete 3D CAD models of their car including suspension assemblies. Ferrari launch was today at 1pm. Someone on Reddit put their computer clock forward a few hours and the Ferrari site ran the launch early!

  • With all the money spent in F1, you'd think they'd employ a few IT people who had the first clue what they were doing.

  • So when do we start getting excited about Merc's testing woes...

  • A couple of people downloaded the render and found it was complete 3D CAD models of their car including suspension assemblies.

    Was that the 'hack' I read about? i.e. not so much of a hack as a massive fuck up.

  • Never. They decided to change a gearbox rather than fix it and get it back on track faster (limiting Bottas' track time, eh?) and then Hamilton drove in a sandstorm. If these times were indicative we'd have to imagine Giovinazzi as a consistent podium challenger :)

  • More to do with the car looking all over the place when others looks a lot more solid

  • Too Sandy to draw any conclusions. Verstappen was all over the place for half the day

  • I can’t quite tell. But I have managed to load up the files in Solidworks and build a Williams FW43B!

    The thing is, just my own opinion here, it’s not so much about what it gives away about the Williams setup. It’s more about what it gives away about Mercedes. There’s a lot of internal aero, implied chassis features (ie not present but quite obvious) and suspension pickup points on view. I would wager that a lot of those things are in the places they are because it’s determined by the current Mercedes power plant, layout and cooling requirements. I reckon it gives away a lot about the current Mercedes car and its engine. I only say that as a recent ex F1 engineer and because I know why certain components and features were in certain places on our car.

  • Are you now 3D printing an FW43B?

  • Alonso is quite the trooper

    "I don't expect any issues, honestly," he said. "One thing is the professional and driving side, which is 100%.

    "On the personal, I will have to remove two titanium plates in the upper jaw at the end of the season."­81197

  • Really interesting article written about and with Pierre Gasly­pierre-gasly-formula-one-racing

  • Is there a LFGSS fantasy league? If not, is anyone interested?
    I bingewatched survive to drive on Netflix and am superhyped to get into F1 business

  • This bodes well.

    Hamilton actually sounded more excited than disappointed.

  • I'm biased as I'm a fan and know there's a fair few out there who can't stand the man. But fair play to Alonso for his efforts there. Ocon's not exactly top-tier, but it'll be interesting to see how they get on this year.

    On another note, seems Vettel's fortunes haven't changed this year!

    Quite excited for this season. Though part of me almost hopes the season gets wrapped up before the last 3 races as they've packed the latter bit of the calendar with some snore-fests there. Miss the days of Interlagos being the last race of the season.

  • I think we’ve got a race on our hands tomorrow!

  • The Honda engine is, I grant you, slightly later to the party than I had predicted - but it appears that they have got the hang of things now. After they've left. But still! Behold the power of the Honda turbo-F1 motor.

    I've got £20 that says Aston sack Vettel before the halfway point. Anyone?

  • My favourite part was all the bits of random radio chatter cut in to the wrong video to spice things up.

    And if I see that fucking helicopter do a barrel roll over the red bull ring one more time...

  • Looking like a proper race is on tomorrow if enough of them manage to stay on the track. It could go so many ways.

    It will also be nice to see Hamilton do some actual racing, which I’m sure he’s missed all these years.

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Formula One ( F1 )

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