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  • Yep, just not ideal on Sunday evening - if I've not watched it by Monday I've moved on.

    I do get it though, Sky have paid a fortune for the rights, but think the teams demand there is some free to air coverage to help with sponsorship.

    Just a bit of a mess really.

  • Yep, just not ideal on Sunday evening - if I've not watched it by Monday I've moved on.

    Completely agree. I’m in the same dadding situation as you. I have a short window after bedtime before I’m falling asleep myself, exhausted. Not an ideal time to try and squeeze in a race!

  • The FOM content on the F1 YouTube channel is pretty good.

    Will Buxton and Lawrence Baretto might be a little marmite, but Sam Collins is well worth the time and Jolyon Palmer's analysis compares well with what I've seen of Karun Chandok's analysis segments on SkyF1.

  • Big fan of Sam's videos. Will/Lawrence are pretty good too IMO, gotta confess I ignore anything with Palmer. Still have an irrational dislike of the guy.

    It's incredibly frustrating that I can't even pay for F1 tv due to Sky's contract, makes people feel less guilty around acquiring it through other means though.

    Regarding the balancing parenting with watching motorsport points above, why not get the kid(s) involved? I sit mine (3yo) down with me to watch the F1 as well as the MotoGP re-runs if I don't catch it the night it's shown.

  • Any updates on the Perez situation? I'd love to see Hulk back but i still think Sergio should be at the front of the line.

    I'm reading this as Red Bull currently leaning towards Perez:

    “No decisions will be made until after the final race,” Horner said. “Alex, we’re giving him every opportunity. We want him to succeed, I think we were clear with that all along, and days like [Sunday] help him but there’s two further races and Sergio [Perez] is doing the best job that he can to ensure that he remains under consideration.


  • Any health updates from Lewis Hamilton? We’ve all been a bit distracted by the Russell drive but I don’t think I’ve seen anything to say if he’s ok. Can’t seem to find anything on BBC/Sky/Twitter newer than about 2 days old.

  • He said he has mild symptoms and is isolating. I think that's literally the only public statement he has made.

    Didn't realise until this came up that Marc Hynes runs his management company. Another really great British junior racer without money to move beyond British F3 in any meaningful way.


    Shouldn't read toooo much into it but Russell fastest in FP1 and just over 0.3 secs faster than Bottas on what is a comically short lap.

  • Interesting... The rest of the order sounds pretty standard and representative of most recent races, so here's hoping it's a genuine reflection of his speed.

  • Sky interviewed Toto today, basically "He's ok considering he's a driver who isn't driving this weekend, plus symptoms":­pcw

  • Gotta admit, quite liking this circuit so far. Should be interesting to see how they race here

  • Also, the Ferrari is looking like even more of a dog than normal in that technical section. Both Vettel and Leclerc having some rear-end snaps. This is likely the same issue that Grosjean informed the world about regarding overheating rear end changing ride height right? Haas buy in their suspension from Ferrari as far as I'm aware

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    Pretty powerful interview with Romain.

  • Thanks for sharing.

    Bonne nuit. He’s not the first person I’ve heard mention that feeling of calm. Much respect to him for fighting and finding his way out for his family. I hope he gets good mental health support as well as his physical rehab.

  • I can, in a way, relate to that. When I had My Big Shunt at Mallory Park, the first thing I did was hit the release button on my harness. Then I noticed I hadn't moved, due to the fact that my helmet was pressed against the grass, what with the car being upside down. Then I noticed that that dampness on the back of my neck and all down my back wasn't water, but was in fact petrol, the force of the impact having ripped the fuel filler out of the fuel tank. So I undid the Big Red Switch, killing the electrical supply, and actually threw it out of the car.

    After that, with the electrical system dead and being trapped under the car, drenched with fuel, I realised that there was nothing else I could do. After an inital moment of panic, I acknowledged that there was nothing I could do, and started to relax. I couldn't get the car off me, and if it burst into flames then there was equally nothing I could do. I remember thinking that it wouldn't be nice, but that the fumes would probably knock me out before the fire really took hold, and I remember feeling pensive but surprisingly resigned to my fate and at one with the world.

    Having said that, when the marhsals reached the car and rolled it black-side-down again, I was up and away like a jack rabbit, concussion and 4 broken ribs be damned...

  • Should be interesting to see how many crashes this guy causes next year:­ZuM

  • Fuck that was close!

  • He drives like his Papa’s worth 7 billion USD, which he is. Will be interesting to see how Haas deals with him/his dad.

  • At least Alonso's back next season to remind him that all the time you need to leave the space...

    Also, that qualifying session, pretty spectacular performance from Leclerc IMO, would love to see an onboard because I'm sure he's losing a fair chunk of time on the 3 long straights. Not a great showing for Bottas with the gap to Russell, can't wait to see how the race between them pans out tomorrow.

  • Also, at this rate, Perez is surely a shoe-in for the currently vacant Red Bull seat. Albon with P12 in a car that was half a hundredth off pole.

  • He seems like a bombscare

  • Yeah, as much as I want to back him, Albon does seem to be just not that good.

  • Yep, lovely guy, had some great races towards the end of last season/beginning of this one. But he's just been nowhere for the majority of the season.

  • If we don't get a Schumacher-cobblers style comment from Brundle along the lines of "I guess if your name is Mazipan you can drive like a nut job", I'll be disappointed.

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Formula One ( F1 )

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