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    Got forwarded this gif of a dashcam crash reminded me immediately of Romain. Make sure to unmute it if you want the full effect (note- LOUD).

    Edit- another reason to drive slowly around road construction crews.

  • Lada keyring almost certainly confirms this is in Russia, just had to be. Wonder if there's a clotheslining section to the NCAP tests...

  • Or a very snowy Cuba.

  • Russell is getting a drive in the Mercedes. I'm looking forward to seeing how he goes.

  • He must have sent Toto an absolute worldie of a PowerPoint.

  • Short circuit too so all the gaps in the field should close up.

    Fingers crossed for an exciting weekend.

  • This could be an awkward weekend for Bottas

  • Ooooo, interesting. I agree with mmccarthy, could be a tough weekend for Bottas.

  • Russell is getting a drive in the Mercedes. I'm looking forward to seeing how he goes.

    And Aitken in the Williams. My half-arsed guess was right! :)

  • Oh, and Mazepin and Schumacher are confirmed at Haas.

  • Well pleased for Russell

  • I also miss the free to air live feeds, but definitely recommend the BBC 5 live audio commentary, and then I also watch the Channel 4 highlights later.

  • The C4 highlights would be so much more paletable if they didn't have Steve Jones in them.

    Good news for Russell, despite wanting him to go out and get a podium though I do kind of feel Botas is probably just going to have a procession to the win.

  • My beef with the C4 highlights is how long they are. I want a show that gets into action quickly, has about 1 hour of highlights, plus some chit chat at the end for those that want it.

    As a dad, who gets to sit down with the F1 when everyone is in bed, I don't really have the time for a 2 hour 30 show. It is rare a GP really needs more than hour of highlights anyway. With all the stuff on youtube now, if you want extra content, you can fill your boots.

    Edit - just remembering with fondness the good old days of waking up hungover on Sunday and getting my duvet down on the sofa and watching the whole thing live on BBC. Different times.

  • I think that might be part of their licensing agreement for the highlights though, this is only a vague recollection but I think they have to show equal amounts of highlight and fluff. Which is why you're stuck with Steve asking "hilarious" questions about drivers favorite sheep or whatever.

    I'm with you though, get the highlights on fast then waffle at the end so I can change channel!

  • My beef with the C4 highlights is how long they are.

    This. There's just no need for a show that long.

    BBC was before my time but I spent many a Sunday in the company of Jim Rosenthal and the ITV crew.

  • Well chuffed about Russell, it'll be a nice change to have something to get nervous/stressed about this season!

    Any updates on the Perez situation? I'd love to see Hulk back but i still think Sergio should be at the front of the line.

    Replace Steve with Nico?

  • I so want Russell to beat Bottas... Nothing against Bottas personally, he just feels a bit like a mobile chicane (although obvs a mobile chicane with a trillion times more talent than me)

  • That's why I record and then fast forward through all the 'hilarious' wittering.

  • Yeah, but it's still a late night on a Sunday.


  • For years now my dad records the live race then later he sticks some records on and watches it in 2x speed, playing at normal speed if something interesting happens

  • Shit that's a good idea.

  • The C4 punditry is excruciating. And yeah a 2+ hour highlight show is joekes. I got a pass to carve out a chunk of Sunday to myself and watch one recently. A rare treat. An hour of my precious child-free time was wasted before they even start the fucking race. How the actual fuck is an entire hour of pre-race bollocks in any way a highlight?

  • Yeah it’s a licensing agreement with Sky. Maximum allowed amount of on-track coverage and a minimum ratio of on-track to off-track material. Plus no pit walk. So the highlights show is basically deliberately crippled by Sky. The only answer is to record it and skip through the padding.

    But great news for Russell! I was secretly hoping it might happen!

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Formula One ( F1 )

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