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  • No idea on his ranking in tax-payers but I recall this coming out of the Paradise Papers:­v/06/lewis-hamilton-avoided-taxes-jet-is­le-of-man-scheme-paradise-papers

    Honestly I'm not fussed about whether he lives in Monaco or not (though intentionally phrasing responses in such a way that you make it sound like it's Monaco or Stevenage isn't exactly conducive to a constructive discussion on the matter). A point was raised about not knowing why people would not like him. I listed some that I felt were likely causes.

  • Getting back on track (pun fully intended), has there been any explanation given to Mercedes' relative lack of pace over the weekend? Is it just a case of them still suffering in colder conditions due to working the tyres less? With the DAS being a bit useless as it'll only heat up the fronts and have a negative impact on the balance?

  • No, I agree with you that it is one of those things that gets thrown at him, with possibly no real proof that it is true...

  • Damn, gonna have to ruin today's run of disagreeing with all the posts on this thread ;)

  • I think the big one was the legal but ethically dodgy plane thing. From memory something to do with renting it from himself to save money.

  • Wasn't the tax thing partially debunked? I thought I read that he did pay tax on his UK
    earnings, and was in fact in the top 5000 UK tax payers? May be mis-remembering

    Does he earn much in the UK? He has used companies in the Isle of Man, Malta, Guernsey and other countries legally to reduce his tax bills.

    Its not like there aren't other reasons to live in Monaco over Stevenage...

    When he first moved out of the UK (to Switzerland), he did say it was to get away from the constant intrusion into his life that he experienced here.

  • Fun fact of the weekend, the 3 drivers on the podium were the only 3 of the current grid that took part in the previous race at Istanbul Park in 2011.

  • Hamilton said in a pre race interview on Sky that Mercedes had in part been so successful to date because they had developed the car to manage tyre and brake temps at mainly hot circuits. They never planned on running in November in the cold and pissing rain and their previous advantage became a disadvantage in Turkey. I’m paraphrasing natch. That he managed to turn it around is amazing really.

  • I think a lot of it was consistency and not binning it at every opportunity.


    There are also a lot of great pics going round from Turkey which show all the airflow patterns on the cars!

  • Excellent video, it's not uncommon to see similar analysis done when it's wet at other tracks but the dirt acting as discount flow-viz on the cars this time around was really interesting to see!

  • Fuck

    Opening crash and car burst into flames

  • Fingers crossed for Grosjean

  • Seen footage of him in the medical car talking and looking ok.

  • Been a long time since a car's gone up like that, good to see he's alright

  • How the hell did he come away from that unscathed?!

  • I can imagine the halo might have had something to do with it.

  • Halo is embedded in the safety barrier. Fucking mental

  • That was insane, glad he ok. Can't believe you walk away from that, was like a micheal Bay film

  • That was shocking. Car split in two with Grosjean going with the front half through the split in the barriers. Amazing to see him hop back over the barriers, sincerely hope he’s ok.

  • Excellent Freudian slip by the commentators there, "Apologies for Gunther Swearer's, er, Steiner's langauge there"

  • I missed that, but B did ask if they said the ‘s’ word...

  • Why do the broadcasters need to say “apologies” because a guy said fuck? There was a huge fucking fireball and they’re worrying about language?

  • Fuck me, if you can't beat Maldonado's record then go out with a bang...

    That scared the shit out of me, really glad he's ok.

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Formula One ( F1 )

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