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  • Good for Pirelli if they look similar though, they can convince idiots their BMW 325D M-Spec is as fast as an F1 car with their stupid sporty tyres with yellow stripes on

  • "What do you mean the pink tyres are faster?! It's politcal correctness gone mad!"

  • Should be interesting to follow the suspension developments if the low-profile tyres come in. As far as I'm aware about the current tyres contribute as much to the car's suspension and the actual spring/damper (do they still use interters?) system. That'll basically go out the window with low-profile tyres I imagine!

  • Hockenheim: that was completely mental. Craziest race I’ve seen in a long time!

  • saw the c4 highlights it was all action wasn't it , tempted to rewatch the full race, you miss so much nuance and timing with the highlights, the jumps and gaps are very difficult to notice when you are engrossed and then suddenly when the gap between two drivers suddenly jumps 4 seconds, you wonder what happened

  • i just end up falling asleep all the time and missing the good bits (like yesterday)

  • Sleeping to F1 is one of my favourite things

  • me too

  • Watching people catch/correct/loose it in the wet at 200mph was very entertaining.

    Fair play to the drivers that made it to the end, nod to Vettel.

  • Aside from the Merc dominance, this is a damn good season so far. And I'm a Ferrari fan!

    Here's hoping Max can take it to Hamilton for the latter half of the season and give us some good racing up front.

    In saying that, it's quite nice when there's no big battle up front and the director instead focusses on the numerous battles happening throughout the field.

  • I thought it was a great race, really enjoyed it.

  • A rarity for Hungary too! Normally a relative snoozefest.

  • Should've pitted Max when he had a 20s gap & slapped some softs on.

  • Was it not the case that the lap after Hamilton pit, the gap was already less than a pit window? Hamilton had fresh tyres and was less than a second behind when he dived into the pits, so I don't think Red Bull had any defense

  • I think it was borderline but he'd have 20 laps on softs so would have had a decent chance at getting past if need be

  • didn't lewis do 20-odd quali laps on medium tyres to catch him? surely verstappen would have liquid tyres trying to do that on softs

  • Just over 20 seconds iirc. Needed another record pitstop! Would've made for some more battling for the last few laps.

  • Was it not the case that the lap after Hamilton pit, the gap was already less than a pit window?

    Yes. It was too close for Verstappen to pit, almost guaranteed loss of position. Hamilton had a massive gap behind him to third position, though, so even if he didn't catch Verstappen he would have held onto his second place.

    Epic chase-down though, Hamilton drove well.

  • What is this weird new entertaining Motorsport that keeps getting in the way of my afternoon nap?

    Another great race, as Toto said if Lewis had got past they themselves would of been on the backfoot had red bull resorted to the same tactic. Saying that though the Merc was far better on the tyres so Lewis probably would of stayed in front.

    Really happy to see Russell doing well (relatively), hope he gets his chance to shine.

  • So the invetable Gasly demotion has happened. Not surprising given his lack of pace caused Max the win last time out and with the recent form, he's still in the running for this championship.

    Here's hoping Albon doesn't crumble in the same fashion.

  • Brutal. Surely too soon for Albon but very keen to watch him try to get in the way of the Ferraris

  • Agreed, if Marko was big enough to admit to mistakes I'd say he'd have put Kyvat back in. It'll be interesting to follow, that's for sure!

  • Agreed, Kvyat has been exceptional recently.

  • If you're a Red Bull driver, there's really no job security is there? You can't even believe them when they publicly say that you've got the whole season to succeed as invariably that means you've got a couple of races left. Having Toro Rosso means swaps are easy though, and a demoted driver is less likely to kick up a fuss if it keeps them in F1.

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Formula One ( F1 )

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