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  • Anyone watching the Hunt/Lauda program?

  • First I've heard of such a thing. More info pls.

  • So was Vettel's latest tantrum actually warranted this time? Looked harsh to me.

  • Harsh. Very harsh. Not sure how he could control where he came back on the track at that speed....

    Bottas getting into his usual routine of underwhelming on the race day after a promising start to the season

  • I think it was a fair penalty.

    You can see his steering wheel jerk to the right, taking his car into Hamilton's path as he returned to the track so either, he meant to, to block Hamilton (penalty) or he didn't have control of the car when he rejoined the track (penalty).

    No one made him keep his foot on the throttle; he could have backed off and rejoined safely but didn't want to lose the place.

  • I'm not sure backing off and rejoining safely was an option to be fair. Trying to get the car slowed sufficiently on the grass would've likely just ended up with him spinning into Hamilton's path IMO.

  • It's a racing line thing. I'd hope that the stewards were able to have a look at the onboard and decide from that and the telemetry what Vettel actually did in the car. Saying what you did is one thing, but if everything else shows that you stuck your foot back in and steered across to the racing line to make a blocking manoeuvre then it's the stewards' call to place a penalty.

  • He had to turn right as you could see when he bounced from the grass back onto the track and the car was sideways. He would have had to have kept his foot on the gas as well to get out of the slide.

    Should have been a racing incident.

    Vettel was quick to tell people to stop booing when Hamilton was talking which was was decent of him.

    Even Hamilton's comments once he watched the reply showed that Vettel couldn't have done anything else.

  • In the earliest of 00's there were prospects of a Lebanese street race before Rafic Hariri was assassinated, Paul Ricard being modified to replace Magny-Cours (I haven't watched a full season since the engine formula change and I just saw the Paul Ricard wiki that it has returned last year), a Swedish GP in Kalmar, Brands Hatch, Donington Park or a London street race to replace Silverstone. 1999 was the first season I watched and I feel spoiled. Alex Zanardi, Mika Hakkinen crying at Monza, Michael Schumacher breaking himself off. The sound. Suzuka that year. I don't think I've seen a better season. I'm biased tho, I was a Mika fan from that moment on and that 2002 Belgian GP was amazing. Same year I got into CART and damn what a series that was too. Greg Moore, Gonzalo Rodriguez RIP

  • One of the best races this season by far!

  • That was quite a race! Shame I'm not at Red Bull any more, that's going to be quite some team debrief tomorrow!


    As if they could make themselves look any worse at this point.

  • "PC attitude in @F1"?

    Have they even worked in F1?

  • I thought that part was simple telegraphing to the 8chan generation that Rich Energy was on their wavelength

  • If that was from The Onion I'd have thought they'd gone too ridiculous!

    Bring on the popcorn, I'm looking forward to following this little meltdown.

  • Indeed, not a Mac in sight.

  • Someone on the F1 technical forum asked if anyone had ever seen it for sale anywhere and, if so, what it tasted like and how much it was. No one has seen it sold yet.

  • It's available on Amazon, isn't it?

  • Yeah apparently you can buy cases/multipacks on amazon, but that's about it as far as I'm aware.

  • I don’t see any Rich sponsorship on the Haas cars. Ha!

    Edit: scrub that, it’s on the side. Just no Whyte logo on the front.

  • Don't forget, this is the one race that's live on Channel 4 this season!

  • I thought they decided to put the cricket on?

    Edit: spotted they’ll move channels as GP coverage starts - thought it sounded odd

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Formula One ( F1 )

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