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  • Very useful as the Langster came with a 48/15 as standard, now changed for a 48/17,gonna test it out later :-)

  • This one has been fulfilling my needs at the track:
    As a bonus, the "Speed at Cadence" feature is perfect for backtracking cadences at given flying 200m speeds.

  • useful stuff, cheers

  • There's "fixedgears" app that runs on android, users are able to set chainring, cog, wheel and crank size, don't know if that suit/helps any of you...

  • The BKB rabbit appears to be down for me and has appeared that way for a few weeks now. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • cheers! some good calculators.

  • The android app is spot on!

  • 53x12 (119") All the way, no need to calculate, does the job for everything!

  • That is an app for the iPhone.

    Chainring: Bicycle Gear Calculator

    PS. I made it, so you're welcome to DM any feedback. Thanks

  • Nicely presented app.

    Couple comments,

    The first thing that hits me is that making “Gear Ratio” the default display is a strange choice. I’d have thought most people would be interested in gear inches and/or skid patches so I’d have put gear inches as the default/first option with the other stuff later.

    Next is a less obvious but probably more serious flaw and that is that you’ve made assumptions about wheel and tyre size for the gear inches and development calculations and chainstay length for the chain length calculations.

    I’m not really sure why you would ever need to calculate chain length but doing so based on an unknown assumption about chainstay length renders the information provided completely useless anyway.

    Similarly, because you have not specified what wheel and tyre size you used to calculate the development, the information is useless.

    I figure you’re probably aiming this at fixed gear street riders rather than trackies but gear checks for youth racing are based upon development so you could have a potential market for your app there, if the parameters for the calculation were known, or even better, adjustable.

    I have to have a few gear calculator apps on my phone as I haven’t found one that provides all the info I look for.

    My wish list would be:

    • Ability to set wheel and tyre size with a good range of size options. Personally I’d use down to 20” wheel but giving a 16” option would appeal to Brompton owners. 29+ at the top end. I have an app that allows setting crank length but I don’t think it actually figures in any of the calculations.

    • Gear inches

    • Skid patches

    • Speed based cadence calculator. I have an app that provides a cadence calculation but in a clunky way. You have to dial in a cadence and it gives you the speed this would generate for the specified gear along with times for certain distances. I’d like to be able to take my max speed from Strava and calculate what cadence I got up to.

    • Development can be useful if comparing gearings for say a 20” wheel with a 700c wheel but it’s not something I look at often so this doesn’t need to be front and centre.

  • Just downloaded this. It looks really nice and simple. I only really want to calculate Gear Inches so it works for me, but agree with many of the comments above. I have a kid who races and is gear limited so I also agree that there might be a use there. I’m assuming you used 700 wheel size but you should state what you did use. Nice clean interface and graphics.

  • @XJimX @M_V

    Thank you a lot! Your ideas are very useful.

    I create this app on my own. Due to a full-time job, I work on that on weekends :)

    I was thinking to add Settings to the app where you will be able to specify wheel and tire size, and the chainstay length, etc. It's in development now.

    I can easily rearrange screens with results. So, stay updated :)

    Cadence and speed are also in my backlog because friends of mine also asked about that. It will be done for sure. Can't estimate but it will.

    Thank again for all your ideas. You're best!

  • Cool.

    It’s a really nice interface. The graphics and animation set it apart from the others I use.

    Probably would be worth increasing the largest chainring size. 53 isn’t very big for trackies.

  • Thanks :) I used to be a designer.

    Seemed I did some research and it appeared that 53 was the only one available. But it appeared that it's a mistake. I've just found that 60T can be bought on eBay.

    What max number of teeth is reasonable? What do you think?

  • What max number of teeth is reasonable? What do you think?

    The sprinters that come to the track are using up to 63t pretty regularly I think. If it’s just a case of entering numbers, I’d maybe go up to 70 or so.

  • @M_V I don't want to add redundant values. But yes it's easy to add more values. Will be done in the next version :)

  • I don't want to add redundant values.

    Excuse my total ignorance of how apps work, is there a downside to adding more values? Just the app I was talking about with the cadence calculator goes up to 90t on the chainring and 60t on the sprocket.

    I presume the app does the maths for each combination as and when it is dialled in rather than there being a list of responses?

  • You're right, nothing limits the values of chainring or sprocket but me. Calculations could be done for any value.

    It's more about how real they are, whether they exist on the market, etc. By adding more values, I made users scroll again and again. I guess it's uncomfortable.

  • Any plans for an Android version too?

  • Haven't been thinking about that. I know that Android is quite popular but I don't have any experience in development for that platform.

  • Guys, just want to keep you updated.

    I'm working hard to add :

    1. Tyre and rims sizes
    2. Chainstay Length
    3. Swapping gear ratio with gear inches, etc.

    So, hope the next week I'll update the app. Thanks for all your ideas.

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Gear Calculators

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