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  • links to gear calcs:

    downloadable xls spreadhseet:­


    a lot of people get confused when comparing gear inches, using the rabbit calc you can choose your wheel and tyre size, giving a supposedly true calculation. when you are riding on the track however, most coaches use the 27" standard (ie: 50x15 is 90GI) so remember to take this into account if you are riding where there is a gear inch limit.

    If in doubt, double check with whoever is running the session. and always carry spare rings and cogs, it's useful to be able to switch over during a training session or race meet.

    This thread is for people to add useful links to gear/cadence calcs and associated resources

  • There is also an eeehhm ... iphone app Beside all what rabbit does it plots speed relative to a cadence-slider and times over 200m/250m based on cadence GI.

  • My handy 'cut out and keep' gear chart

  • Cool, thanks. I need this.

  • I guess there's no need to mention:

  • Here's a straight forward gear table app for Android phones­om.buffalo.gearup

  • Just what I need now ,gear table Thanks

  • That Rabbit application is quite interesting!

  • the rabbit application doesn't like Chrome browser any more.

  • i personally prefer 44-16

  • It's probably been said before, but anyone interested in track type ratios only really needs to remember that 50x15 is 90", and that a chainring tooth is 2", and a sprocket tooth is 6".

    You do the mathsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  • Good info BMMF

  • I've used that bike gears one on the iphone, it's fine apart from the depressing few seconds that it makes you look at a picture of a fat fixie skidder complete with arrospok and fakenger bag on startup. Other than that it's a decent app.

  • ha ha ha! I have that too, and i think exactly that. What a tosser

  • What tyre circumference do you use?

  • the inch or whatever one it is that matches Rabbit's "27" nominal" as that is the same as the standard imperial (which is what everyone uses on the track)

    but when I would be working out a gear for a youth rider I might use the exact tyre circumference or a rollout to allow full use of the rules. I also sometimes do it when working out my max cadence (not that it makes much of a difference)

  • 27 x 1 1/2 gives me the closest match. Why not use the exact measurements? I have never understood the standard imperial thing.

  • 27 x 1 1/2 gives me the closest match. Why not use the exact measurements? I have never understood the standard imperial thing.

    Because it causes confusion. All anyone needs to know is that 50x15 is 90GI and all derivatives thereof. As said in the 1st post.

  • Thank you Rob.

    *Reading the first post would require scrolling up.

  • Sorry man, I hate giving out unnecessary work.

  • Use '27x1 1/4 (28-630)'

  • professional track gear calculator for chain length and possible speed and times for 200m, 250m, .....

  • There's also this comprehensive spreadsheet, downloadable from fgf. Loads of data.

  • Nice simple converter for iPhone.

  • Thank you. This is useful.

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Gear Calculators

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