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  • Hey - remember that guy taking pics on Sunday? Well they're already being used:


  • "Many Americans aren't familiar with the gamem."

  • Here are the pics (scattered about) on Getty if you want to flick through:


  • I like how the pics go from London bike polo to 'World Baseball Classic - Toronto Day 2'
    Puts us right up there with the big leagues! ;)

    (in the zimbio link...)

  • MAX's granddad

  • Did a five year old write that?

  • 8 players?

  • nice pics, but what's up with the writing?

  • "If you want to take the game to the next level, try unicycle polo"

    oh ok then

  • the getty images caption contains more useful information than the entire article:

    "Competitors in the "London Bike Polo League" play a friendly bicycle polo match at the Mitchison Road hardcourt on March 8, 2009 in London. The sport of Bicycle polo featured in the London Olympics of 1908 played on grass, although in recent years it's gained popularity being played on urban hardcourts. The game consists of two teams of three riders aiming to be the first to score 5 goals. (Getty Images)"

  • For the record, I was more impressed in seeing pictures of a throw-in game which were taken two days ago, already making the rounds. Also, my muffin-top is famous.

  • heh!

  • this is nice!

  • le car (if that's the right person) is looking rather dapper there. Makes it look like a real gentleman's game.

  • -neg points for the duff disc. or is that how they do it in new york? :D

  • yeah..... is Yorgo playing in a suit?

  • spag bol... no polo NO TALK!.

  • shut up then ray.

  • i dont get yer...

  • ha.... classic.

  • In New York they...

    ...use a half disc wheel, so that when in goal, once the rider is trackstanding, he pops a wheelie, spins the wheel so that the half-disc is in the appropriate 'goal-blocking' position and saves the day.

  • oh la la! so that's it! smart. so 2009.

  • you guys suck.

  • Homophobist

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Polo in the News

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