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  • Top marks for Clas Ohlson.

  • Is there any locking solution for through axles?

  • Care to elaborate a bit about what you mean?

    Anything that penetrates an axle (hub), weakens the axle. So I'm not sure what through you're referring to.

    Did you mean through, as in connecting the front and rear wheel hubs and locking together as one? If so, thats commonly done; by removing the front wheel and locking it to the rear wheel.

    Or did you mean the locking solutions that apply specifically to the wheels axles (skewers)? Because that is covered by specialist skewers, and is listed in the first post of this thread.........all the way back on page one.

  • I'm guessing he's after a pitlock type solution for one of the through/thru axle standards.

  • Bikes with disc brakes typically have through axles which are different in form to traditional QR skewers (see link below as an example). Figure someone will eventually come up with a solution but there doesn't appear to be one around currently


  • So.

    My krypto mini is on its way out.
    4 years later i can't complain.

    Need a replacement for daily work use.
    Mini D that can fit in my pocket.

    Lookin at the Abus U-Mini 401 or the OnGuard Pitbull Mini

    Any recommendations?

  • Thru axle to regular qr adapter then security like pitlock.

  • Stick with the Kryto Minis as they're still very hard to beat - for value and security. I recommend the Mini 5 and/or the slightly longer Mini 7. The Abus U Mini 40 is also a good shout, but needs much more lithium greasing and more often, as its not weather protected. But for the daddy of small locks, at affordable pricing, nothing will beat the the OnGuard Brute Mini. It rivals the legendary and unsurpassed Krypto Fahg Mini, and at nearly 2kgs, may be too much to carry. But its your call.

  • It's not a "lock that works" but I swear I've seen it mentioned somewhere on here but can't find it now.

    There's been mention of an aluminium Kryptonite mini, it could be Japanese maybe. It's a lot weaker than a steel one but also considerably lighter. I now can't find any info on it, can anyone cast any light. Cheers.

  • Don't know it, but if its lighter, would you trust it?

    Palmy make aluminium locks, but they are a joke.


  • It wouldn't be used in London. The bonus was it looked almost the same as a normal kryptonite so wouldn't be pegged as shit from a casual look.

    The palmy looks less convincing.

  • Not sure if this is the right place for this, but couldn't think of any where more suitable.

    Despite being slow, Kryptonite replaced my faulty Mini-7 with only a couple of questions and I didn't have to send back the faulty one, just photos of the keys.

  • I'm guessing this would remove the benefits of having through axle though?

  • That's a question for someone like tester.

  • In post #1 under alarm padlocks the Krabus XL505 is mentioned.

    Krabus XL505 (the original) (as used on downtube [very effectively] by edscoble)

    I am unable using the search or Google to find out how @edscoble used the lock on the downtube.

    Could someone please enlighten me?

  • Oh just the shackle lock on the BMW Gangsta downtube perfectly.

  • Thanks. Do you mean simply hanging the downtube near the bottom bracket?

  • Ah found it, https://www.lfgss.com/comments/7878220/ with the correct search terms Google's image search is great.

  • There was/is a guy on this forum from Kryptonite, but I haven't seen him contribute for quite a while.

  • Try facebook. I had an answer within a few days and a new lock in the post within a week.

  • Searched the forum for litelok, didn't see anything. I'd like to see some third-party tests.


  • sorry guys if this's been asked before, I have gone back a few pages and got bored... couldn't find what I am looking for...

    Could a kryptonite mini d go through the seat tube, wheel and a standard sized bike stand dotted around the city? Let say on a bike similar to a fuji feather with 40mm rim? I am getting a bit fed up with carrying my kryptonite new york to work everyday when we have a gated underground shed and the only stop I ever do on top is a quick supermarket shop...

  • You'd get a stay and the wheel.

  • Cheers mate, thought as much... maybe I will just lock it up this way when at work...

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Locks that work

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