"Oh Shit" moments...

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  • Oh shit indeed, fingers crossed for you and I hope it's nothing serious.

  • Oh shit indeed, hopefully it's just a pearl or something.

  • Good luck to you and glad its been caught.

  • Hoping you have the maximum amount of information in the shortest possible time. The wait must be agonising.

  • Fingers crossed it's not anything serious and you're quickly on the road to recovery.

  • I recon I have a spare bollock growing in my neck. It's like my superhero ability or something.

  • It's deepthroat all over again.

  • You're becoming a half-man, half-goat hybrid. Let us know if you start getting the urge to eat tin cans and headbutt stuff.

  • Just got some excellent Keirin training going elbow to elbow with a taxi that entirely failed to overtake (I was leaning on the drivers LH door), before he decided that we would both turn left anyway.


  • Approaching t junction, noticed 2 Japanese ladies observing traffic on main road. Without a glance in my direction they started to step out. I shouted 'careful'. Pretty certain what they shouted in Japanese was 'Oh S***'

  • Riding in Yorkshire near Hawes and hit a corner too fast, front wheel slipped on some oil and OTBed! FML.

  • Coming down Shaftesbury Ave.

    Sorry to the white van driver (I heard you honk and swear) I cut up while RLJing. I made a decision a bit late and nearly got wiped out.

  • Lulz.

  • is it time to start calling out bad cyclists thread >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Last night approaching a roundabout, thought route was clear until car that looked like it was taking the exit kept coming round and decided to take the exit after my junction. Didnt realise until too late and in the wet tried to brake using the pedals but obviously not quickly enough and stopped pretty much right in front of the car in the middle of the lane in the roundabout.

    Luckily the car was going so slow enough to stop, I could only say sorry and point sheepishly at the bike and pedal off as he laughed at me.

  • is it time to start calling out bad cyclists thread >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Lesson: take up golf instead

  • had some schmohawk cut across me and slow down in regent's park just now. my 2nd paced brakeless ride and exactly 8 weeks after i broke my collar bone there. skid at 35 whilst the road is disappearing was an oh shit moment.
    he honked as i "was in the middle of the road", i did the calm down hand gesture, he pulled alongside for a chat, i called him an idiot.
    he was going to the zoo, with his wife and toddler. scary that he has a child.
    mortally wounded a squirrel 5 minutes earlier too, thank god it didn't end up in my wheel. oh shit moment right there.

  • Glad you are ok, but should you really be riding brakeless around regents park especially at such a busy time?

  • This

    Glad you are ok, but should you really be riding brakeless?

  • Glad you are ok, but should you really be riding brakeless around regents park especially at such a busy time?

    Not a big fan of should. I am happy with my decision to. I regret calling the man an idiot though. I should have said something positive.

    if anyone was in regent's last saturday...

    lesson learnt: m-check, brakes are death!


  • Riding to collect a package yesterday and saw a car pulling out of a parallel parking bay, i swung wide to avoid him and he saw me and waited. as i pulled back in i checked back because I was changing position on road. looked forward and a car pulled out of a side road into me. some how reflex took over and I hopped/ pulled the bike away from the car back toward the middle of the road, but this left over cocked me leaning over the bonnet at an angle that I couldn't recover from. I pushed off the front of the car with my hand and rode off. this action sprained my shoulder but what pissed me off was the woman shouted up the road after me " What, I didn't mean too..."

    like that makes it ok

  • I was at the front of a line of traffic waiting to turn at a light where it goes green for straight on first then green for turn a minute later; when it went green for straight on the guy in the car behind me started furiously beeping the horn, and then shouting out of the window when I gestured to the lights.

    I rolled onto the pedestrian island when he started revving and only then realised that he'd been beeping because he urgently needed to nearly get t-boned by an HGV, my mistake.

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"Oh Shit" moments...

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