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  • Must... not.... offer to buy other four.........

  • New addition to our hoard of dogs.....I didn't want another dog, but despite outward appearances, he seems to have some good big dog genes!

    Chester, the mungrel Pom-chi

    Wow, daughter has a big face!

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  • Lovely wee pup @stedlocks.

    Molly sitting in the Bluebells

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  • We let the cats outside without a lead for the first time since we moved house.

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  • More pictures when their eyes open in the next week or so.

    OH MY GOD. I think it's time....more pics!

    Hazel is in a nappy coz of #perioddramas our first season at 7.5 months.
    Surprised, as thought we had a month longer, but I'm new to this girl-dog-owning business so here we go. No trouble so far, with walks on the lead.

  • Not my dog:

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  • Is it a sheep? No, it's a Bedlington!

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  • This devil is a year old this weekend and is called Luna. Toilet rolls are her favourite to shred -_-
    Pretty well trained but will still blank you on the park if she spots someone more interesting.

    Always have had Staffordshire bull terriers as pets and get really annoyed with the bad stigma that gets stuck to them. My dog before Luna was so affectionate and soft she was called a cat by most of my friends as she only barked about 3 times in the 6/7 years she was with us.
    Got a tattoo of her in a cycling cap on my leg to remember her by aswell aha.

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  • Time for the return of the Blue Peter puppies.... They're now 3 weeks old, their eyes are open some of the time, they have walked in their first solid food and they have organised their first mass break-out. Forget all that, you want pictures!

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  • Billy 7, jack
    Lilly 11, staff/pointer
    Molly 9, staff/jack
    Gordon 4, bull terrier/greyhound
    Ginny, 9 months staff

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  • Not really a pet, but since this visit a couple of days ago this fox keeps coming back...

  • We took Hazel on a canal boat holiday. She was pretty happy about it

  • as hirsute as your fella !

    dat moustache !

  • Me and the boy this morning.

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  • Rita

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  • Sadly, yesterday 2 weeks ago our dog and best mate was hit by a car while out with his walker. We asked her to be careful walking him off his lead as our preference is to have him on a lead at all times. Needless to say, he got spooked by a much bigger dog and ran, and was subsequently hit by a car.

    To make matters worse, it was some poor passerby that found him on the road and rang me, the dog walker didn't have the bottle to ring and tell me she lost him.

    And worse again, 2 weeks passed and I heard nothing from her, in fact I had to reach out to her to get my keys back.

    I think it goes without saying that I will never trust a dog walker again as long as I live.

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  • That's utterly disgusting. How's the boy now, is this him before or after?

  • Unfortunately he was killed, that was him Sunday 2 weeks ago, the day before it happened. I just collected his ashes from the vet this eve.

    We're both still devastated over losing him.

  • That's horribly sad, you have my condolences.

  • That's awful for you guys. My single greatest fear. He looks like such a great lad.

  • aw gosh this is so sad to hear! I'm sorry for your loss.

    My single greatest fear


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