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  • Really?;) small dogs are different.

  • Nope, I'm kidding. I assume small dogs are expected to do all those things...

    I would feed raw though.

  • Not technically mine, but they might as well be.


    And Maisy

  • At the moment he's on royal canin dachshund puppy food.
    Not what he'll be eating when he's a bit older.... Need to read up a bit.

    Have now had two poops... One outside, and one on the doorstep... So close yet so far!

    He won't be coming in the bed, but we've had him on the sofa today... He seems to know that it's a privilege though!

    Sleeping seems to be his favourite past time so far....

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  • Newton has transformed from a kitten in to a slightly awkward but very good looking cat. He's probably going to get bigger, too.

  • Rudy has grown a lot in the last two weeks.... He's still pretty small though!

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  • His mother has now gone from being fairly short-haired to long haired, and shows no signs of stopping.

  • Rudy is super cute. Can we have pictures of him with objects for scale?

  • He has been cold at night recently, and is forever trying to find a warm radiator to sleep next to, so I just made him a sweet jacket out the sleeve of an old hoody. He doesn't seem too impressed in the photo though!

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  • That's a coy look if I ever I saw one!

  • Totally agree on the raw feeding. My friend has been doing it for a few months and her dog is so healthy. Doesn't cost as much as fancy food that contains the same nutrients

  • Very true, although what it doesn't contain also matters. My boy's been on a raw diet since he was weaned, and I have a delivery that fills my freezer every couple of months that costs me around £90.

    He eats 1.2kg of minced beef, turkey, beef, lamb or fish a day, mixed with raw veg and fruit (carrots, apples, cabbage, courgette, etc.) and a raw egg, then I throw in some salmon oil and glucosamine for his coat and joints. He also gets a beef shin or rib every day, and I mix up his diet with heart, liver, chicken wings and necks every second or third day. A big treat is a chicken carcass or beef chunks.

    It's more expensive than cheap dog food or crappy kibble, but cheaper than the expensive stuff . But no additives, wheat or grain or the usual stuff you get in it. I feed him twice a day, and keep him trim because, as a big breed, his joints need to develop while he's still growing before the weight goes on.

  • Looking at Rudy's expression, I'm imagining him saying

    "This is weird but ok, but if you start carrying me in a handbag I'm pissing in it. Woof."

  • Workshop dog, affy. Chilling in the workshop.

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  • I'm looking after a neighbour's elderly black lab for the week and am in a bit of a dilemma: the bed they sent her with is lumpy, quite hard and too small, so she just can't get comfortable...and a stiff old lady needs a decent bed!

    So now she's in a big, soft, flat one and much happier.

    What do I tell the owner next week without sounding like a total asshole??!!

  • Lie! Tell the neighbour you wrecked the old bed somehow and had to replace it and the ancient lab seems to have taken to this one.... You're so sorry, etc etc....

  • Yeah, might have to. I love her :)

    In fact, maybe I'll steal her.

    Really hope her owners aren't on here.

  • The sun has brought them out again. And judging by the nightly noises a couple of weeks back, in May there will be the pitter-patter of tiny paws.

  • Our pup Frank.

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  • Say that you just happened to have the new bed lying around (maybe you bought it while dog sitting for someone else, or as a gift and it's no longer needed) and the neighbour's dog seemed to choose the new over the old. Of course since you don't currently have a use for it, you'd be more than happy for the neighbour to take it.

    Or, "I love your dog so much I couldn't resist treating her to a new bed."... I can't imagine anyone taking offence to that :-)

  • Oh, and this is an old one from christmas but I leant my camera to my sister and so haven't had a chance to retrieve the pictures.

    Midge (nervous and neurotic adoptee) gets some attention while Moz (Midge's daughter) looks on.

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  • Short film my mate made featuring his dog Scout:

  • nervous and neurotic

    Was this before or after scary, spikey-haired man in comedy xmas jumper did weird things? ;-)

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