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  • I'm going to miss Gus when I leave:(

  • it's definitely slavery. we cook and clean up after them, keep them entertained, pay all their bills all for free.

    Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.

  • Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.

    HAHAHAHA!! So true.

  • it's definitely slavery. we cook and clean up after them, keep them entertained, pay all their bills all for free.

    Don't bother trying to reason with the nutters. It ain't worth your time. Learn from my mistakes.

  • His name is duke.

  • His name is duke.

    That is one damn nice cat, did you get the funiture to match the cat or the cat to match the funiture ;-)

  • That is a very nice cat asm. He looks very well behaved, unlike my cat who is now 18 years old( thats human years), only has 3 legs and still manages to terrorize my mum in the kitchen! And this morning has managed to PISS!!! in my fucking trainers!!!

  • you have trainers for fucking in?

  • You dont?

  • Doesn't everyone?

  • Duke's great. He's about 15 I think. Maybe 16 by now. Very big, very furry. :) The couches match the cat, definitely.

  • china
    shes a bit bigger now ha

    also bgger now


    one unpictured died shortly after my return to the uk, her name was meme, and the oldest I can't find a picture of and his name is jack.

    As a vegan I would say, that rescued animals are acceptable. Giving an animal a better life is always better than not doing anything at all. I would never buy from breeders. My husky, china, was from a family (friends of my stepdad) in california that found they counldn't care for her so we went to get her. Going to pet shops and that sort of thing I feel personally is wrong, as said above, it is all personal thoughts though.

  • I'm vegan and have two rescue kitties, Alley and Leopold. My personal view is that I won't take on a pet that doesn't know it's a pet, IE a bird or a fish or a snake. Animals that appreciate human attention I can understand co-habitating with :-)

    Then again, a very dear friend has a snake and some fish, the snake was rescued and the fish follow her in their tank as she walks around the room. I don't have all the answers.

  • This is not a particulary deep observation but cats are just damn cute.
    Here's mine playing with the Christmas lights. (There's another one of
    her trying to eat one but it's a bit blurry.)

  • The unfortunately named Gucci and Trixie, my mother and little sister were tasked with naming them...

  • Wilkie

  • And of course Beppo and Zeppo ;)

  • Just been offered this,so tempted!!!

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  • Just been offered this,so tempted!!!


  • Just been offered this,so tempted!!!

    Do it Mark!!!!!! DO IT!!!

  • Pourquois... she is just curious

    This is the best thing I have ever seen.

  • This is a mates new dog, he assures me it is real and not a slipper......

  • Little mutt called Jekyll. He's about 12 weeks in this photo.
    1/4 Great Dane, 1/4 English Mastiff, 1/4 Cane Corso 1/4 Dogue de Bordeaux.
    He's gonna be a monster when he grows up

  • Sweet.

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