Mont Ventoux

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  • me and Charlie and Zero are supposed to be riding up the famous mountain some time at the end of you're on here now zero maybe you can think about dates and add them here..

    if anyone else wants to come and laugh at me trying to get up then let me know...prob September???

    Prob gonna get there on the Bike Express which is ace and has a nice man making cups of tea, loads of leg room, a library and a massive trailer for's well ace and not like a horrid national express..dead comfy and full of cyclists.ace.­tml

    love nes AKA The Angel of the Mountains #2

    Mont Ventoux

    For­e_racing enthusiasts, the mountain can be climbed by three routes.

    • South from Bédoin: 21,8 km over 1617 m. This is the most famous and difficult ascent. The road to the summit has an average gradient of 7.43%. Until Saint-Estève, the climb is easy: 3.9% over 5,8 km, but the 16 remaining kilometres have an average gradient of 8.9%. The last kilometres may have strong, violent winds. The ride takes 1h30m-2h30m hours for trained amateur riders. Professional riders take 1h-1h15 min. The fastest time so far recorded has been that of was the fastest at 1h 2' 9".

    • North-west from Malaucène: 21,5 km over 1570 m. About equal in difficulty as the Bédoin ascent, better sheltered against the wind.

    • East from Sault: 26 km over 1210 m. The easiest route. After Chalet Reynard (where the "lunar landscape" of the summit starts), the climb is the same as the Bédoin ascent. Average gradient of 4.4%.

  • Here's a profile of the Bedoin climb

  • Erm, there's been some confusion. This was apparently arranged during a session in the loading bay, where as any fule no, I cannot be held accountable for any actions, statements, contracts or promises. It wasn't me guv - I wasn't there.
    I may have been fantasising...

  • not impressed. lunch out.

  • Lunch was not the problem...

  • i'll bring a picnic...

  • I reckon, when you get to the top what you most want to see is an ice cream van (and a bar).

  • i bet there is one next to tommys memorial along with all sorts of other excitement "you can't win the tour de france on water"....

  • Just looking at train prices for early Sept (the latest you can book), can do a return from Manc to Avignon (out Friday back Wenesday) via Eurostar for £175 return.

    This could be a goer I reckon.

  • perfecto...we should think about a date...i am SO excited/scared...x

  • Ventoux means windy, and it is not uncommon to have winds above 100 kmh at the summit or even snow in July. On the other hand it can sometimes be a furnace, especial on the South side.


  • Late September/Early October ?

    Go over a weekend preferably so leave Friday, come back Tuesday or Wednesday ?

  • first week of october is the mini festival, i could do 18th to 23rd september or 16th october to 21st


  • Prefer September, but not too fussed. Who else is likely to be going ?

    Charlie, Zero and Seth ?

  • not zero i don't think...

  • seth says september, + one or two of seth's mates want to come too....

  • September is cool. How about we go Saturday as we can prob get a ticket to London for £8, Eurostar is £109 return to Avignon no matter what. Can come back Weds or Thu depending if we want 3 or 4 full days over there.

  • sounds well ace

  • Eurostar tickets seem to sell pretty quick, just did a check for Sep 5th (latest saturday) and there ain't many left, so whoever's going will need to book 'em pretty soon after they become available.

    I presume Seth's mates are all top climbers as well.......

  • shit, when do they become available then??? I could do it. need defo's though. wayne?? you in??

    seth's mates aren't as strong as him but they do live in Yorkshire so they are kinda used to the hills.

    Me and seth are planning to ride to Harworth nr doncaster where the tommy simpson museum is before we go to ventoux, if you wanna come you're welcome...there is awaterfall we can swim in nearby too..

  • Should be next week probably. Seems you can only book about 3 months in advance, I'll give 'em a ring tomorrow and check. Dunno about Howarth, may be a goer nearer the time mind.

  • Right, apparently after Sep 12th, there is no direct train from London to Avignon, so we have to change stations in Paris, can only book tickets with SNCF 90 days in advance, so have set an email reminder on there site to let me know when they are available.

    Watch this thread......

  • cool...we need to get definites now then if it's only next week. I'll send a message round to all the likely's...mebbe not showing them this...­mp1.jpg

  • could go 4th to 9th you know if that's easier with the changing issue???

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Mont Ventoux

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