Herne Hill Saturday Training

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  • @crazyfields I was there today as well! I didn't see the Langster though :/

  • I was there for the 12-1 session.

    What bike did you have?

    Next one I can make will be the 2nd Sept so might see you there =)

  • @crazyfields Sorry, my misunderstanding, I was at the induction session at 1pm. Do you need to book those 12-1 sessions?

  • Ahhh okay, how was your induction, enjoy it?

    I believe it's drop in for 12-1 but you need pay and sign is as normal.

    For the 10-12 sessions you'll need a training card. I have one but wanted to get back into the swing of it before committing to a 2 hour ass tanning =/

  • I loved the induction and that's why I want to go back there for more. In September I will try one of the 12-1 sessions.

  • Just booked my induction for the 16th and hoping to get some actual time at the velodrome after that. Got a midriff that needs gone and to build up a lot of lost fitness.

  • Hi all - new here! How many Saturday novice skill sessions would people recommend before doing the training accreditation?

    Think I will have had time to do 1 x induction, 2 x novice skills and 2 x lee valley accreditation sessions before then!

    Also starting to look at buying a new track bike instead of a new roadie... any suggestions on what kind of thing to look at?


  • We recommend between 4 and 6 'Track Skills' sessions before taking the training accreditation test. It is important that a rider is very comfortable riding a track bike on the velodrome before moving on, because only then can he or she start thinking about what is going on around them rather than just basic control. The Intermediate sessions are run at a quicker pace than the Track Skills sessions and we are simply looking for riders to be safe (and not a risk to others) riding in that environment.
    Some riders become competent faster than others of course, so if in any doubt, just ask one of the coaches who will be happy to help and advise.

  • Makes perfect sense! Thanks.

  • Summer nearly over! Winter schedule session times starting next Saturday, 4th...

  • Thanks for the reminder of the timings change. Though it looks like inters is missing from the schedule next saturday - I'm guessing that's an oversight :)

  • So did my induction back in November after acquiring a Moda Forte (drunken late night eBay bid)...

    Was first time at HHV for more than 14 years. Loved it, now done two skills sessions to get used to the bike, and feel stronger every time I go back.

    Third skills session this Saturday, with a view to starting accreditation in mid-late January. Have definitely been bitten by the track riding bug.

  • I miss HHV. Been too long since hearing those shouts.

  • All sessions tomorrow are CANCELLED due to the weather.
    Riders booked onto the Induction and Accreditation will be receiving an email shortly.

  • Are we in the summer timings for Saturday training now?


    Used to remember it being longer than hour.. has it been cut?
    Maybe it just feels longer..

  • Thanks Sumo but the info on that calendar is different from the info on this page

    but looks more like the session times I remember, so I will go along for 10am unless someone tells me different.

  • Saturday sessions:
    9-10 Youth
    10-12 Inters (training accreditation required)
    12-1 Track Skills

  • Going to head up for the first time in a while. What's the damage these days as used to be £7?

    Will have to try and remember which container my bike is on

  • No Saturday sessions for next two weeks as track is closed to prepare for and host the World Cycling Revival.

  • That's lucky - I couldn't make those sessions :)

  • Anyone knows if this session is still going on? There is no news on their ridehq section to sign up.

  • Never mind, found it.

  • Anyone signed up for Sunday evening express courses in November?

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Herne Hill Saturday Training

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