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  • According to their blog, the parts side of things is now based in Cambridge- run by a chap called Jamie. Does anyone know him?? I'm after a few bits for my girlfriends new bike, and figured that it would be way easier if I could pick them up in person rather than mess around with postage and that.

  • ask them on the blog maybe?

  • I've sent an e-mail already, wasn't sure if Jamie had been out for Thursday night rides or whether any of you dudes had bumped into him round these parts!

  • well there is a jamie out with us on rides, but dont think he's the jamie you're looking for

  • Search --> Member Search --> Type freshtripe --> Press GO --> Click freshtripe --> Click Send Message .....

  • Leon AKA Marxist Fixie knows him he's out in one of the villages though. You can get stuff from Outspoken the same way too.

  • Has this thread been moved ... there be strangers on it , not from these parts with their sarcy posts...whiffs of superiority

  • Has this thread been moved ... there be strangers on it , not from these parts with their sarcy posts...whiffs of superiority

    Possibly, but whatever happened I blame Eddie!

  • Possibly, but whatever happened I blame Eddie!


  • He's the forum whore to be sure . Burn the witch.

  • ill pretend i didn't read any of that

  • :p

  • Yes...I know Jamie and Freshtripe....sell good fixie stuff and no quibble returns.....look them up at lrt them know you want to collect and i am sure there will be no problems......i recommend Freshtripe....Jamie is a good lad and want to be involved in the Cambridge fixed 'scene......if you ask him nicely he may be interested in polo sponsorship.....maybe?'

  • Hang on the bits are for Gregory's girl...good name for a film!

  • Set in Glasgow with Claire Grogan from Altered images ?

  • Claire Gregory....i quite fancied her..tres cute!.....did Altered Images....come after the film?

  • she fell through a hole in the stage when Altered images played the old Corn Exchange Cambridge in the 80's :) . I once saw her on Sauchiehall street Glasgow and smiled at her , she smiled back . Made my day/week/month/year

  • Did you not rush up on the stage to rescue her?...If she had smiled at me...i would be on cloud nine for 'the duration'....of my life......i am blessed by close proximity to your greatness and good fortune....i defer to your majesty in such matters...i am in awe!!....She was and prob still is gorgeous!

  • I am sure you had some equally famous personage in the back of your cab, ooooerr !

  • Yes..but no one quite like Claire Grogan...sadly.....old bags mainly...and Roy Castle...i would have exchanged all that for Claire Grogan! win!

  • Poor old Roy...... never smoked and died of lung cancer

  • Lovely his autograph...for my mum!...she was chuffed!.....A smile from Claire still wins in my book!

  • I like the tangent this thread has taken

  • Weren't the brothers on "record breakers" the McQuirters or something ? Ross and Norris, and Ross got blown up by the IRA

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Freshtripe Bikes

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