2009-03-14 Sat - Overnight to Shoreham-by-Sea

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  • Meet 10pm Hyde Park Corner, under Wellington Arch, Saturday 14th March, 2009.


    OK, so I was really keen to do another overnight ride but didn't want to do the same Brighton ride all over again, especially as the Friday Night Ride to the Coast is on Friday the 13th March:


    Links to our previous Brighton ride:


    Luckily, there is another worthwhile destination available in close proximity, namely Shoreham-by-Sea. Short notice, I know, but chances are you don't have another overnight ride planned for the same day.

    Shoreham-by-Sea, held in great affection by subscribers of the urbancyclist-uk mailing list (and who hasn't been on it won't know what the hell I'm talking about ;) ), is a very dangerous place to ride a bike. Figures from surveys conducted by local residents show that riders are at risk from low-flying planes, potholes that can quite easily cause any bike to be a complete write-off, buses and bridges, narrow paths that may or may not be bridleways (and full of debris and stranded sea-creatures), roads used as cycle paths, bacterial film on slippery grass, and inclement weather in the form of hurricanes. This is not an exhaustive list.

    Needless to say, Shoreham residents face another considerable obstacle in their efforts to cycle, which is that bikes are very expensive and break constantly after they have been bought, especially on bumpy roads, and it is therefore worth always buying the cheapest bike so that little of value is lost when it collapes after two days of use.

    Therefore, Shoreham is very much worth a visit to HTFU. Once in Shoreham, we will of course be proceeding with the utmost caution and spend only so much time there as is beneficial for our personal development, before continuing along the coast to Brighton.

    While it naturally is always the best course of action to walk your bike along any available footpaths, where you may or may not encounter stiles and other hindrances, we will be using the roads.

    If you haven't seen Shoreham, you haven't lived your life on a bike.

    A back marker will be needed. Please put yourself forward.

    Route to be recce'd and TBC. Watch this space; I'll update this OP several times.

    **This ride waits for everyone. Please bring sturdy bike equipment, including tools and a spare inner tube. If you haven't done a night ride before, check the Southwark Cyclists FAQ on the Dunwich Dynamo for tips:


    Pre-recce, hillage remains unconfirmed (TBC), but if riding fixed or single-speed, in any event prepare to use sensible cross-country gearing.**


    1. Oliver Schick
    2. mmccarthy
  • Racing on the 15th @ 8am - I'm out.

  • Sorry you can't make it, BMMF--enjoy your racing!

  • You're not quite getting it.

  • No, I'm not. Do you mean you're out of the racing?

  • I was struggling with the juxtaposition of 'enjoy' and 'racing' ;)

  • Ah pah, get your Rapha outfit on and glory in the suffering. ;)

  • I'm no Rapha Slapha (nod to 80s argot - showing my age).

    Thinking about working on something to try flogging to the Rouleur people though...

  • Love to do one of these nightrides....not sure if the wheels will be finished in time though...and not sure I can grind through 60miles after a 3 month lay off!

  • what gearing are we looking at Oliver?

  • I might come along this time Oliver.. As with the last one though, I'll hold off adding my name to the list until I can properly confirm my attendance

  • what gearing are we looking at Oliver?

    Don't know yet as I haven't recced the route yet!

    But around 70" seems the safest bet for this type of ride.

    (BTW I'll be geared as usual.)

  • used to work in shoreham, the roads around there aren't that different t brighton.... maybe i missed something

  • Kelvin, it's basically an in-joke. ;)

  • shoreham is basically next to Brighton so cant see the ride being much different.

  • I guess by going to Shoreham Oliver doesn't have to ride up a hill at the end! :p

  • Usuall questions:

    • how far?
    • will mccarthy need a coat?
    • will there be sesame snaps?
    • how much of the route will share the L2B route?
  • So, it's London to Brighton but avoiding bitchling and the dyke and ending with a four mile coast along the coast with the wind at our backs? I'm in!

    1. Oliver Schick
    2. mmccarthy
    3. dave4
  • No, I'm out - forgot I'm away this weekend. Have a good'un and I'll head down next time.

    1. Oliver Schick
    2. mmccarthy
  • shoreham is basically next to Brighton so cant see the ride being much different.

    Well, it is going to be a very different route. The FNRttC does it via Guildford, and Mike and I are going to recce it (and possible alternatives) this Wednesday. Should be good.

    I guess by going to Shoreham Oliver doesn't have to ride up a hill at the end! :p

    cough I honestly don't know. ;) I suspect that there are still South Downs north of Shoreham, so there'll be some hill.

    Usuall questions:

    how far?
    It should be around 70 miles or so. More info to follow.

    will mccarthy need a coat?
    You should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking of the question!

    will there be sesame snaps?
    Oh yes.

    how much of the route will share the L2B route?
    Do you mean the one from last time? Possibly no more than the way out of London, or some of it. I'm working on it.

  • What time for the recce run?

  • Ill come with different wheels!

  • More importantly bring different tyres =P

    (I know that's what you meant, but I love being a pedantic arse =P)

  • What time for the recce run?

    10am, HPC.

  • No problem, i'll actually get an early night the night before so we don't have a re-run of last time.

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2009-03-14 Sat - Overnight to Shoreham-by-Sea

Posted by Avatar for Oliver Schick @Oliver Schick