Brighton Swapparoo and Classifieds

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  • need a smaller freehub than 16t any spares for a beer?

  • Paul, i can sort you a 5000% interest loan, so you can pay for the bike? If you are genuinely interested, i will cut you a deal on it!

  • Wanted: 48t 110BCD Chainring.

  • got a brand new 50t middleburn?

  • Hiya jimmy has offered me one for free, if that falls through im sure i could take it off your hands
    50 teeth of knee exploding goodness!

  • I'm after a bike for my girlfriend. Something cheap and reliable. She want's a hybrid but a road or mountain bike would do as she doesn't ever go very far. Geared, single-speed or whatever (not fixed). Any suggestions. She's around 5"7' so nothing too big please!

    Oh, I have parts to build up a suitable road frame so that might do too.

  • Carerra Subway? its setup for me (@5"8) with seatpost up at max. Has adjustable angle stem and suspension seatpost - big ish saddle ... any good?

  • Yeah, maybe. How much you looking for?

  • Im selling for a friend - they bought it new this year and said have a look and see if 50 quid is ok, i can take some photos if you want? i can give it a service and a clean.­ikes/road/product/subway-1-8831

    Its got slicks on it and I've just changed the tubes - comes with dlock, lights and security cable

  • Sounds great. Can come and have a look tonight or tomorrow night if you like. Pics would be good but only if not too much hassle!

  • woops just got this! tomorrow or over the weekend is cool by me! i will take some photos tomorrow AM .. cool?

  • Excellent! I'll PM you my phone number...

  • Enjoy! I have decided to spend the money on pizza...

    P.S anyone wanna sell me some os aero bars or bull bars?

  • Anyone want some new white 4mm soyo long grips, still in packaging? or some almost as good as new Nitto njs B127 drops?
    £10 for the grips
    £30 for the bars

  • I'll take the grips! Meet up monday?

  • Just sent you a messgae teew

  • damn ebat me to the grips toby!

  • For sale Apple Airport Extreme Wifi Card. £25

    Wanted Some cut down OS risers


    Polo gearing whatever anyone has spare I would be eternally grateful

    can swap for:

    I have a white unnamed 52 white frame and forks, perfect for polo/beater, a bit rusted but solid, has a BB in it but again rusty.

  • Im interested in the frame i need a beater/polo bike.

    what size chainring you need? what BCD? I might have something

  • For sale Apple Airport Extreme Wifi Card. £25

    Wanted Some cut down OS risers

    London road market, you'll get a pair for a couple of quid, then get a hacksaw around them. see this thread prior to cutting­ml

  • When is london road market on? all the time? thanks rich!

  • its open all week 10ish til 5pm, there are a couple of bike units near each other, Arrons which is run by a youngish bloke, nice chap but is reluctant to sell anything if its good. Next door is run by a sound old guy who is probably best to visit first for cheap risers, he'll have a rummage for you.

  • i've nabbed Guerillaphoto's frame.sorry

  • I got 3 pairs of handlebars today for £2.50 one of which is a nice pair of moustache bars, just got to figure out what I can build to put them on.

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Brighton Swapparoo and Classifieds

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