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  • that would be great lewis - how much you after for it?

  • oh, and a set of 700 Carbon disc brake forks!

    pics, any more info

  • that would be great lewis - how much you after for it?

    dont mind, ill bring it on wednesday and you can buy me a pint or two :P

  • right.

    im selling my roadbike.
    lovely blue Eddie Merckx. 58 tt
    columbus spx tubing (extra stiff tubing ideal for sprinters)
    Full Campag Veloce 10spd
    mint and loving looked after
    new conti gp4000s tyres

    looking at sensialble offers around £400
    could swap tyres and knock it down a bit.

  • ooohhhh, tempting. Kai might be interested?

  • have to give that one a miss...


  • beautiful bike, too big for me, plus i have too many!

  • I would be interested in the merckx, but I'd have to sell my Langster first. 58cm, brown 2007(?) model. Anyone interested?

  • how much do you want for it jimmy?

  • sell sell sell, buy buy buy!

  • it is a swapparoo indeed!

  • got loads of non fixed wheels kicking about at the moment, anyone got anything good?

  • how much do you want for it jimmy?

    Dunno, around £200 I guess. Are you interested?

  • maybe jimmy, although i'm not sure about brown. i need to upgrade my old beater. i changed to a 46 front ring and the chain is either too slack or, if i take a link out, the wheel is too far forward and only just hanging on. So gonna change it back to the 42 on the front, clean it up, and sell it. time i got myself a nice new track bike. might even move up to a 50 front ring - there's only one hill between here and peacehaven, which is just about ok with a decent run-up.

    maybe we should go for a ride at the weekend, so i can test-drive?

  • 1/8 Carbon Blade Road Fork

    how long is the steerer? is it uncut?


  • hi guys,

    i'm new to the group, currently building my first conversion and looking for a long 27.2 seatpost and a saddle if anyone has anything knocking around that they don't mind parting with...could also do with some grips

  • yo! really should think about getting some toe straps for this fixed ride - cant be letting those pedals escape... anyone got some? anywhere in brighton do any? - we need a ss/fixed store!

    plus... what are people feeling: double or fat single or what.. i hit the bay - that thick powergrip one looks like it'll do the job - but won't suit the vintage bike!@£ ahhhhh what to do

  • single straps will be fine, get something though, riding fixed without some kind of foot attachment is a little dangerous.

    Anyone looking for a white deep v?­ml

  • i can drop some off in town on saturday night?

  • sounds good - have been riding without for a good month and a bit - it's about time...


  • also on the prowl for 15t track sprocket [drilled would be nice]...

  • no one makes a drilled 15t sprocket!

  • i'll make one! (^_^)

  • Hi Brighton people, am down for the day and am trying to sort the girlfriend's bike to indexed gearing, anyone have a shimano rear mech that works ,105, whatever kicking around from a conversion, would love it. Popping into town but can ride to you. Anyone help me out then please give a shout on oh7nine7four77eight5two3, cheers, Mike.

  • Or tommorrow morn, am not looking for a cheeky freebie, brought an old 105 mech I had and managed to lose one of the bolts through one of the mech wheels when I took it apart and cleaned it, can do tomorrow morn too but really can't leave her with a bike in bits!HELP HELP!

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Brighton Swapparoo and Classifieds

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