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  • The world of cycling according to G. Free collection from Trafalgar st or i can drop off on my commute anywhere Hove to peacehaven inc Lewes

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  • Worth a read? I'll have a go if you don't mind

  • Yeah worth a read but i won't read it twice

  • Has anyone got a cheap-as-chips beater bike going spare? A friend of mine had his stolen and is looking for a new one.

    Medium frame, pretty much anything goes, emphasis on cheap. The fact that the old one got stolen was a bit of a miracle and a blessing considering the state it was in.

  • I’ve got a couple of road bikes for sale but they’re around £150-200 though, probably not cheap enough but don’t need anything they’re ready to ride. I have an old French road bike that’s a bit on the rough side and needs either a new rear wheel or new axle to repair the existing wheel. If he’s up for fixing it he can have for £30

  • Calling all parents Mrs Sacred is running these sessions locally. She is passionate about this stuff so they will be ace!

    New play drop-in sessions starting this May in Lewes! Wednesdays is for under 5s with lots of sensory, messy & creative play. Fridays is for babies and parents - more low key and focused on parents enjoying a cuppa and lunch while babies play. Please share with anyone you know who might like to come!
    11th and 13th of May sessions are totally free of charge so try before you buy!

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  • Mrs Sacred and Retro mrs are already on it 👍 will be attending Fridays when we're back from holiday

  • Mrs Sacred is a former children's charity director. She is has a bunch of qualifications including professional Duala, baby massage etc. She has run various training sessions on play for parents and carers. Is a mum too. Qualified to the hilt basically, these sessions will be excellent.

  • Got some stuff I need to shift as I am having a bit of a clear out prior to getting a knee op.

    First up I am selling a 3T front wheel for rim brake only. It's a great wheel in really good condition. There are a few scuffs to the stickers but no damage to the paint and very little wear to the braking surface. I probably only did 500km outside on it. Comes with rim tape and a skewer. These were over £500 a pair so grab yourself a bargain at £35

    Below is the text from the 3T website

    25 mm aluminum-alloy rims with welded joint ideally support fat, race-weight clincher tires at lower inflation pressures, for more grip and comfort. 3T linear+ system optimizes build quality; spoking is 20 front with internal inverted nipples. Rims 32 mm deep, with a blunt profile for stable aerodynamic performance at typical angles to the wind. These are light for such a durable, all-conditions wheelset. Benefits for the rider include:

    – wider contact surface
    – less rolling resistance
    – reduced incidence of punctures
    – better handling control

    I am also selling a Charge Blender jump/4X bike.

    I bought it a few months ago but unfortunately injury means it's got to go. I've given it a decent overhaul, swapping the stuff that was past its best or broken except it came with an undersized seat post. Ok if post is slammed as pics, but will need a 27.2mm post if you want any showing. I was going to paint it as the rattle can paint job needs an update, but structurally the frame is sound.

    Bontrager rims on Shimano Deore hubs. Tyres are a High Roller up front and an Ardent on the back.
    It's got a Kona P2 fork.
    Cranks are Deore with a chain device to tension the new chain. It's got a 32t ring up front and a 16 and 13t cog on the rear, set up as Single Speed.
    There's a nice Surly seat clamp
    Clarkes brakes with 160mm rotors with plenty of life in the pads.
    Nabbed the risers for another project so they are now a bit narrower - better for bar spins maybe??
    Looking for £90

    Frog 52, standard spec in Joanna Rowell Union Jack paint job. Scratches to paint as you would expect as it served 2 kids, but fully working and structurally sound. Seem to go for £150-200 on eBay so £125? Currently in the loft but will get it out for more pics soon.

    Also got an Andy Stand that's no longer needed so free with any of the above.


    More photos on request

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  • Hey BTN, been a while.

    I'm on the hunt for a nice bike (54-56ish).. open to various options but my ideal (longshot) would be a mash sscx. Also down for something geared, a bit gravel / CX. On the absolute flip I'd also be keen for a ss / fixed mash.

    If you know / hear of anything I'd be super grateful if you gave me a heads up. Happy to travel / pay shipping if within UK.


  • Is anyone in need of a trailer? I offered it to @sacredhart but plans changed and they didn't want it anymore. Realistically I'm not going to use it so if anyone wants it (forum donation or beer) they're very welcome to it.

    It's got a bit of surface rust here and there but otherwise in good condition.

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  • Out of interest does this have the handlebar attachment to allow it to be pushed by a pedestrian?

  • No, just a horizontal arm that connects to the rear axle via a hitch.

  • Hiya, I'll send you a message about the trailer. Thanks.

  • I know it’s a while back but did you sell the spoke

  • Argh, yeah I did only a few weeks ago. Sorry man

  • No probs cheers dude

  • Having a clear out of some bits.
    Massi frame, roughly 545mm square, columbus gara, ratty but I still think it's quite nice 😅 headset is,er, crunchy. £make me an offer £30 or something, or is that asking too much?
    Tiny Kona Hahanna frame £free
    Vuelta Zerolite wheelset, brake track still has life, rear is missing a skewer, 8 speed shimano cassette £offer
    Weinmann DP18 rear wheel, fixed side the thread is fucked but the freewheel works fine, with a little bit of surface rust. Brake track has plenty of life left. £offer.
    Handlebars, the silver ones please just take 😅 the other two make an offer, cheap though. Like a pint cheap.

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  • Everything that I've said make me an offer for, I mean cheap. If you catch me in a good mood maybe even free. Although money is useful.

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  • Anyone got a small wald basket to sell?
    Only need the basket bit no legs

  • Hey @Squash, did the trailer go in the end?

  • Hi folks, I have these wheels to sell. They came on a bike I bought but I already had a pair planned for the build

    Triban tubeless disc wheels from Decathlon. They’re in great nick, bearings very smooth. Small scratch in rear wheel rim, otherwise immaculate.

    Decathlon selling them for £55 front, £60 rear.

    Any takers for a local pickup at £50 the pair + a microshift 11 speed cassette? No skewers sorry.


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  • It did indeed, sorry.

    Would you be willing to split the cassette from those wheels? And if so any idea if it's compatible with SRAM Rival? I can never work out how to check compatibility.

  • No worries re the trailer, thought as much anyway.

    Happy to split the cassette and according to this looks compatible­croshift-cs-h110-shimano-sram-compatible­-11-speed-road-cassettes

    I could bring it into Brighton on Tues or Weds?


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Brighton Swapparoo and Classifieds

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