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  • Thanks A I've got of bits so I'll always sort you out if i have it 👍

  • That’s awesome thanks. I left it by your bins up near your front door

  • Got it thanks mate i owe you one 👍

  • Got a rear track aerospoke in white I’ll be chucking on eBay soon if anyone is interested drop me a message

  • Anyone local got a bike trailer they don't want anymore? Kid carrier or cargo.

  • I've got one similar to this if it's of interest?


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  • Some free junk if anyone wants it before it goes to the tip.

    The drill and forks have been in a shed and the other stuff has been left on the balcony and got rained on. Giant Ai bars, syntace tri bars, couple of bottle cages. Although it’s grubby it’s still sound, just needs a clean. Drill works it’s just a basic old black and decker drill.

    Tyres are 700c 35 and 38. Both Kenda I think.

    All free as it’s so rubbish

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  • My old Saracen race elite with raised chain stays, not used in years and just been sat under the stairs.

    Needs a clean, headset ideally needs strip and clean as it’s a bit stiffer than ideal. Wire brush and some oil on the chain as it has surface rust. One flat tyre.

    Other than that it’s pretty good. This was my main bike for years before I got in to road bikes. All original except for DMR v8 pedals and early morevelo sticker, Shimano Altus gears and brakes, Mavic black anodised rims.

    Only selling like this as I’m slim on time and clearing loads of stuff out. Could sort it out and make 100% usable and clean for £30 or so but it’s easy work for anyone to do in an afternoon at the most.

    Off the top of my head it’s a 19” frame

    £100 and can drop off locally if needed.

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  • also have a load of repairable inner tubes if they're of any use to anyone,­94/

  • As in pics, size 46, good condition cleats are very good still. £35.

    Can drop any of this stuff off locally if it helps.

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  • @Squash pmd you thanks

  • I thought i should share this but didn't know the best place to post it for locals. I read this rather depressing article this morning. I know bike theft has always been a problem in the city but the amount of theives getting away with it is what surprised me the most. Was just chatting about it with a policeman friend of mine i bumped into on the dog walk on the dog walk and he said those numbers don't tell the full story. The number of overall thefts is actually down considerably over the last couple of years because commuters aren't using the train station much anymore but the number of home thefts have been steadily on the rise during that time and theives getting caught is down even more due to police being busier with everything else going on. Same problem for small business owners and shoplifting apparently. So out and about or especially at home maybe worth taking extra care to keep your bikes safe as you probably won't see it again and the theif almost certainly won't get prosecuted.­.900-bicycles-stolen-brighton-hove-2021/­

  • FREE massive hi vis backpack cover here if anyone wants it for the commute or just for the style points? Unwanted Christmas stocking filler. Way bigger than a Hump. Pick up Trafalgar street or i can drop off locally

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  • Anyone want a £50 Jog Shop for £35? Valid until next Christmas use in store or online. The only way I'll probably use it as a deposit on a £170 trainers that I don't need so yours for £35 pick up Trafalgar street or i can drop off anywhere in the local ish

  • Hmm, I do need some new running clothes. Happy to come pick it up from Trafalgar street when it suits you.

  • Nice one I'll be at the shop wed-sat this week if your passing?
    Pm to sort 👍

  • Backpack cover and voucher collected

  • Anyone want this Tiagra lever for a fiver/free/karma?­78/

  • Bit of a random one but attention any new mums and dads in the Brighton area

    My partner is running a FREE baby massage course in Lewes starting next Tuesday.
    It's every Tuesday for 5 weeks.

    Nothing to pay no strings attached it's completely free and she is excellent.
    PM me if you want more details.
    @retrobastard maybe ?

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  • I'm joining this baby club malarky soon, will there be any courses later in the year? ours is due in April and I'm sure my girlfriend would be well in to this

  • Yes Mrs sacred will be offering baby massage courses plus other stuff like play support sessions.
    She is just getting her website together I will post it up/ pm you.

  • that would be awesome, thanks, hoping covid will have died down a lot by then and we can attend these sort of things.

  • Anybody in need of some flared drops?

    I have both Genetic Flare and Drove bars to get rid of, 42cm. Tenner each?

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  • I have these bombproof wheels I'll take £75 for locally­25/#comment16434656

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Brighton Swapparoo and Classifieds

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