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  • That'd be awesome. I've got a really short (50mm) Cinelli somewhere if that'd help you out? I'd have to check the clamp size though.

  • anyone got a pair of wheels for sale? fixed, any condition just so long as usable... ideally black

  • I've got an old black rear from a Surly Steamroller. Surly hub but I can't remember the rim/condition as it's been in the parts bin for a couple of years.

    I'm away for easter but will check when I'm back if you're interested.

  • I'm after a 130mm rear fixed wheelset if anyone local is selling

  • I've just put a couple of bits up in the main classified thread - if someone local wants to collect then will knock a fiver off!­79/

  • hey thanks for the offer but I might be sorted for a set, ill get back to you if not

  • Got this lopro for sale if anyone is interested for something a bit bonkers­66/#comment15987949

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  • I have a PlanetX London road gravel bike I need to sell soon if anyone local is interested before I put it up for sale elsewhere. its 54cm, lime green, new cassette etc recently. has been used in wet weather so its not pristine but will be sold fully working. looking around £500. even has some mudguards to go with it if you're into that sort of thing.

  • This is it, £450 for local people

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  • Looking for a new crankset for a Pre Cursa to fit external BB anyone got any spare they're considering selling?

  • All sorted for cranks now.

  • Anyone got a kids seat going spare? Preferably a front-mounted one?

  • Have you tried some? Personally I found a rear seat much better.

  • It's not for me, I keep the monsters caged on a cargo bike.

    My better half wants one and she says she'd feel more comfortable having sproglette infront of her.

  • Please read this and comment on the council site to help protect the South Downs.­


    bloody hell this survey. paraphrasing a bit but "to encourage people to cycle, should we put in bike parking?" No idiots, make safe cycle routes to places people want to go

  • No, don't build the town at all as its not needed / nearly in a national park / will probably kill off fish breeding grounds etc etc

  • I’d read the survey to be a out general housing development in the district, and only question 3.something is about where and how that development happens eg don’t build a new settlement in Low Weald

  • got this old track wheel on eBay, if anyone on here wants it ill do for £20, was built and never used a long time ago. has sat in a garage so has cosmetic rust and marks. I think its an airline hub

  • Two rear pannier racks, the bigger one is a Tortec rack, the more slender looking one is a Showa, made in Japan. Both are aluminium.

    £15 each

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  • Pair of slick 26” tyres and presta inner tubes. Look unused, came on a set of wheels i no longer have.


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  • 650c cannondale, 54cm frame. 105 brakes and levers, 600 rear derailleur 105 front. Mavic cxp12 650c Wheels.

    Super light, no pedals, the gear shifters have that no shift issue due to the grease having gone sticky. In the past with other levers I have washed out the old grease with degreaser and sprayed in new grease and fixes this problem.

    This bike has been sitting around with big ideas (despite being too small for me) since I bought it so just passing on.

    £180 for locals.

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  • Two sets of 700c mudguards.

    Decent quality branded ones.

    Free, may be able to drop off if needed.

    Same with any of the other stuff, I’m just clearing out and want shot of things, happy to take offers on anything above

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  • Just on the off chance, got a nice quality Hifi stand to sell, info here­ref-8/review

    £65 can deliver locally open to offers

    Also have a mint condition Singer 99k sewing machine, sell for about £100 on eBay if you’re prepared to send it. Looking for £20 and can drop off if needed.

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Brighton Swapparoo and Classifieds

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