What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • The quips about watching a few online videos making you an expert

    He’s just being silly, best to just ignore the white noises.

    Whatever he’s doing, it working extremely well as it got you to react to him.

  • Perhaps I’m too new here.
    Only been here 15years !!
    But yes in hindsight it did get a rise out of me.

  • Can we get back to ripping the piss out of the guy who tried to stunt on one of his own family members with a pony folex please.

  • While fakes are surfacing I'm looking after this one,, I've briefly pondered whether to entertain the idea of it being by the label* the [movement is really quite funky with a shockingly positive date click],, anyway it's 90% scratches and dirt

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  • New watch day, loving it so far.

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  • Cool story bro

  • Not yet home so it looks like my suggestion of further watch updates at 2pm GMT were as bold and inaccurate as the posting of the snide Rolex.

    Sorry to disappoint all those poised to enjoy, it’ll be tomorrow now as still at least 4 hours away but I will be able to snap and post the Pinarello before (UK) day end

  • Ok, rubbish photos but here’s the Pinarello Grevil - have at it!

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    • 3723DAA7-A083-4357-8E20-D96199DB62B5.jpeg
    • B8A39E9C-A813-4722-9983-736EC58AFA15.jpeg
    • 74774DF9-5FB4-4743-8696-9EE8FD79AE75.jpeg
  • Definitely fake, they’ve spelled “gravel” wrong.

  • *checks if I'm in the watch or anti porn thread

  • Spacer stack
    Flat pedals
    Saddle hanging on by its fingernails

    It’s a Pinarello.

  • Guns at dawn lever positioning suggests kosher.

  • After surfing the Zenith website, I found out that they have a section where they offer vintage models for sale directly.
    Wonder if other brands will use this strategy in the future in comparison to the Rolex certified pre-owned etc.

  • Ok, some more photos as promised

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    • 868B10AC-8B5F-4A85-A325-1521BE74286C.jpeg
    • DE5797E0-A632-415F-B11B-29F0F2B12F5A.jpeg
  • Moar

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  • Again

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    • E83BCEE4-C417-425E-B26F-E09948209216.jpeg
  • More again

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  • More

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  • And…

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  • Last one

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    • EBB85125-6816-4A83-8E1A-E9EA9689FD11.jpeg
  • Pretty sure the Omega is this ref 2222.80.00, produced from 2006. Hard to judge as the image is out of focus.

  • I think it’s the smaller version of this

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    • 65917FF9-3F17-41D1-8E3E-A5FE6E55E548.jpeg
  • Hi. Have you still got your Everest? Might be interested depending on what it is…

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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