What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • I just recall the Winchester College kids all seemed to have them- suitable watch for little Hugo to wear to play rugger.

  • Same, got one for my 16th birthday. Wore it every day for 10 years.

  • Weird way for me to re-enter LFGSS after more than a decade offline, but I got quite into watches last year after being gifted a special one for a landmark birthday. Stumbled across this forum by chance afterwards and have been checking in on it ever since...

    All of which is to say my curiosity got the better of me and I had to have a go at solving the mystery of the Rolex box. Went up there this morning and managed to retrieve it. And.. Empty!

    The box itself was toast – I guess several weeks of sitting around in the wet didn't do it much good – but warranty papers etc were all still in there and sealed. I've kept hold of them for now, but don't really know what they'd be good for...

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  • Amazing. Nice work.

    What reference were the papers for?

  • That's a load off

  • Incredible, thank you for the closure

  • Nice. Do the warranty papers indicate where it was sold at all?

    Wondering if it was stolen from a shop or something.

  • If stolen, more likely to be from a customer who had just left the store and got trailed.

    Have heard some places recommend to people that they wear the watch when they walk out of the store rather than leave it in its box as bag snatches aren’t unheard of.

  • A 116610, which should be a submariner date – can't pinpoint an exact year from the serial number on the warranty card though

  • Also, that moment

    "C'mon, white gold Daytona, WHITE GOLD DAYTONA"...

    (box opens)

    Nothing *

    * or


  • Papers say its from the Oeding-Erdel Jewelier in Münster – not sure if retailers buy/move stock between them, or if it has just taken a long journey to end up by a railway siding in Kilburn

  • What was your technique?

  • Yes! Thanks to both @Manson7am and you for doing this for us!

  • amazing. well done

  • Awesome! How did you get to it? That’s what I want to know!!

  • Kirium

    A mate of mine had the same story. His dream watch cause his first boss had one. He came over a couple years ago, and while we were both pissed I convinced him to buy a good condition one! What a night...

  • Wow you must have been pissed what's a nice condition second hand Kirium £700-900? Last time i was over a mates having a drink an reminiscing about the 90's i ended up ordering a bottle of eau sauvage

  • Shaped a coat hangar into an open ended rectangle and threaded it through one of a plastic bag to get two prongs sticking out of it. Then tied two lengths of string to it, one to the bottom and one to the bag handle opposite the coat hangar.

    Hoiked it over the fence and lowered it down with the string tied to the bottom of the bag. Grabbed the two prongs through the fence to lower the bag opening down behind the box, using the string tied to the handle to open it a bit.

    Pulled the prongs back through the fence to get the box in the bag, then lifted the whole thing back over with the string tied to the handle. Clearly spent too much time thinking about this, but the suspense was overwhelming...

  • The hero we deserve

  • A guy who had watched me undertake the whole procedure from his car finally came over for the big reveal; was gutted

  • chapeau!! Absolute class!

  • Best bit of the watch thread.

  • Chapeau indeed , someone buy him a Rolex to go in his box :)

  • Is there a de-merge function? I feel that the incarcerated watch box saga needs it owns thread

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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