What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Pelagos weekend!

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  • It’s about 75% Seiko divers so not that varied!

    The 313 is great, wore it all summer. The only reason it’s not getting more wrist time at the moment is it got magnetised. I de-magnetised it and it’s not showing any magnetism on the Lepsi app anymore but it’s still losing more than 30 sec/day. Need to get it sorted.

  • It’s more of a vice.

  • Aaaat aaaaat.

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  • 2 liner is my favourite pelly

  • Frogman and a Death Star 3

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  • "What are you doing? We should have been there 10 mins ago!"
    "Be right with you, just logging data."
    "What data?"
    "Right now, that's not important."

  • Sold my inox carbon to another forum member today but going to have to part with my Squale to part fund a new watch I've fallen for. I'd keep this if i could i love it but the watch I'm after is too similar and too expensive for me to be able keep both. Only 4 months old comes with the original milanese and an expensive custom Strap Tailor swift leather rally strap. All mint in box with papers. £600?
    @Pifko tempted?

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  • So @Regal and I went on another watch nerd excursion, firstly to the Watch Salon expo and then to see the Speedmaster display up at the refurbed Omega boutique.
    Bonham’s had an outstanding consignment for their next auction, stunning Heuer’s and a cracking Vacheron stainless 222. AnOrdain were strong, as were Sinn and the Grand Seiko tourbillon was slick.

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  • Sinn & GS

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  • Then some super rare Speedies - a ‘first’ CK2915, a ‘59 CK2998, a ‘63 ST 105.003 and the awesome gold 145.022.
    Edit: pics are in the wrong order - CK2915 has the broad arrow hands, CK2998 (like the FOIS) has the alpha hands, the 105.003 has the baton hands

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  • I like this King Seiko

  • SJE087. Felt bigger than I expected (is allegedly 38mm) but looked really nice. Great case.


  • That GS Kodo constant force tourbillon is genuinely amazing. Just a different level of quality to anything else on show.

    The VC 222 was lovely as well and it was great to meet the AnOrdain guys and see some more of their range. I actually didn’t vibe with the fumé dials as much as I thought I would, but they had some really nice unrevealed watches, prototypes and one-offs (which they didn’t want photos taken of).

    Liked this Model 2 a lot.

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  • @Pifko tempted?

    Of course, but money's too tight to mention at the moment 😐

  • I dunno. That case just seems so chonky to me. Feel like the model 1 is so much classier.

    Those Speedmasters though 😮💨

  • Watch of the day for me (even as a Speedmaster geek) was the big register Heuer 2446. I wouldn’t be surprised if it breaks £100k, potentially a load more. Privileged just to try it on as the only way I’ll ever own will be discovering it at a car boot sale.

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  • The Model 2 case is quite blobby. The ones with the brushed finish looked awful to me but I didn't mind the fully polished ones anywhere near as much.

  • The Speedmaster exhibition at the Omega boutique was small but yeah, some very important watches. The solid gold one is the actual Spiro Agnew watch that he gave back to Omega because he couldn't accept gifts. The notes for the CK2998 (the one where the bezel insert has turned blue) say "First Omega in Space" and "Worn by Walter Schirra" so I'm pretty sure that one is the actual Schirra watch. Pretty awesome.

  • The model 2 won me over, it’s far more a wearable watch for everyday.

  • Wonder if anyone from the future will say "what happened at 10:07:37 to stop all those watches"

  • 🥵🥵 so good!

  • Well it makes a change from 10.08.42 which is what Seiko have used in every single advertising shot since the 60’s. #cantunsee

  • .

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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