What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Had hoped for a nice pic with beer etc ON FRIDAY! Just home and remembered I had forgotten to take the bloody pic!!! Maybe next time …,
    Have a great weekend all.

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  • Wow , really like that .
    What sort of vintage is it ?

    Édit .. sorry i now appreciate this post was about 3 pages back , lovely (old)Omega though

  • The Chronostop is from 1970 👍

  • Thanks for the reference.

    I also have another requirement; I have purchased a used Tudor deployment clasp which I would like to use with the leather strap.

    As such I have found this nice leather…


    Pricey yes, but does accommodate the clasp, plus, I do like the look of padding in the leather.

    Anyone have experience with the strap tailor?

    PS. The premium NATO straps look well made.

  • I've just had a strap from the strap tailor as well. He made this one for me. Lots of customisation at no extra cost although it was still reasonably expensive. Nicely padded and well made apparently the leather for mine is usually reserved for 6k handbags. Looking at it vs my 2 stitch i prefer the 20-18mm taper the the 20-16mm on this. I thought his nato looked great for the money but @Gibi wasn't impressed with the material. I'm still looking for the perfect nato and if i get time today I'm going to enquire about an olive gold/red Ranger nato for my bb. If you order from the strap tailor try code tst10 at the checkout.

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  • That leather strap looks lush, what type of leather is for the spendy handbags?

    I want the black with cream stripe nato but it’s out of stock. I will try something else in the meantime.

  • Very nice, great choice.

  • This looks great!

  • It's swift leather as used by Hermes. It's not broken in yet so still a little stiff but i think it'll be reasonably durable and its not very porous which should help. The most luxurious leather strap i have is from Broad Street bespoke which i bought on here from Panic. Very soft so will scuff and scratch easier but it's on a dress watch so won't get a hammering. I fancy a Joseph Bonnie as well

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  • (deployant)

  • I find the deployment of deployant most irregular

  • Say what now! I’m a little dislectic so please bear with ;-)

  • Very nice indeed. I’ll check these Broad Street too, I will be assembling a dress watch in the near future too.

    Thanks for all the info RB. I’ll post pics as I go.

  • (deployant)

    That right? I also didn't know

  • They've got an earth brown version now too, so maybe even more colours are on the way?

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  • I think so. The better they sell, the more variants they’ll do.

  • Looks a similar shade to the Sinn 556 mocha.

  • @panic - I have the image of you Cartier burnt in to my memory as a delicious dress watch, what mode is this eye catching number?

  • Hey thanks. Its the Drive De Cartier, model no.WSNM0015

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  • This thing is so fucking hot

  • Ehem. Anyway, I'd like to slim down the watches I've acquired.

    Anyone interested in a Junghans Chronoscope 027/4526.01?

    I've owned it from new, it's in great shape. Boxed with all the shiz and both black and brown leather straps by Junghans.

    Chrono247 reckons it's worth £900 so £800 for anyone on here? Collect Ealing.

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  • Barrybados in the Sunday sun

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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