What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Love that Squale it looks proper tooly might be a bit thick for me. It looks available to buy for £1100 just shipping doesn't start until next month

  • Watch investment. There is a programme on ITV called Million Pound Porn. In the third episode a guy bought watches as investments. Over a period of 6 years the investments went from around £200k to over £500k. Rolex seemed to be the predominant make albeit there wasn’t clear footage of all the watches.
    Might be worth a look - it’s the third quarter of the episode.

  • If he bought 6 years ago he's either lucky or shrewd. I wouldn't 'invest' in bog standard rolexes right now.

  • My suspicion is they weren’t ‘bog standard’. No doubt someone here could identify some of the watches.
    The investor had bought them over a six year period - not all at once.

  • I like the new 41 no date. Grats 👍

  • Is that the dude who bought watches as investment and then was quite shocked when he found out their value increased?

  • That’s him. I think he was surprised by the amount it increased by not that it had increased. It seemed he had taken good advice from the guy in the shop.

  • Rotary Nautilus anyone?

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  • 🤔

    Not for me

  • Rough

  • Looking at the watch value chart in Chrono24 and for my Submariner it’s a steady, basically linear rise.

    By contrast the Speedmaster chart shows exponential growth in late 2020, which then levelled off and now it’s nosing over a bit.

    Was there a particular article or event in late 2020?

  • The 1861 Moonwatch was replaced by the 3861 (Master Chronometer) model in January '21 (maybe details were leaked in late '20), and the various 1861-based models were discontinued (so there might have been a minor rush to grab a 1861 before they became unavailable). Also Omega took the opportunity to hike the base price of the Moonwatch by (IIRC) about a grand and a half. When a brand does that it tends to drag the prices of the "equivalent" pre-owned models up with it.

  • May '20 to May '21 it doubled in (theoretical) value, then May '21 - May '22 it grew by just under 30%. Big difference there, do you think that the 100% increase was driven by the events you describe?

    (It's my love-it-or-hate-it Tintin I'm talking about, not the more uncontroversial model).

  • May '20 to May '21 it doubled

    A lot of things saw those kind of price increases at that time, especially things that were scarce, desirable and justifiably an 'investment'. There was just a lot of money sloshing around and lot of positive sentiment, and folks were buying 'stuff' rather than experiences because the later was restricted in availability and somewhat risky. + IIRC there was also a lot of folks in China hoovering up Swiss watches for the same reasons but at a different scale.

  • Yeah, exactly as Howard says. People were jumping on anything that looked like an investment. A Speedmaster that was known to have been produced only in small numbers probably looked / looks like a decent bet. None of the market value increases on any of these watches were sustainable, nearly everything has tailed off / dropped back to a greater or lesser extent now.

  • I think you’re gonna see a lot of Rolex and limited edition watches sitting on C24 etc at wishful prices for the next few years as inflation bursts the bubble.

    With regards specifically to the Tintin Speedmaster, once the dust has settled I don’t see it ever dropping below 6-7k. It gets some forum flack from ‘serious collectorz’ as it’s not an official limited edition and in it’s released format is only a checkerboard dial with red caseback writing. I like it though
    and wished the Hergé family had allowed the full collaboration. I think there are photos somewhere of the prototype with the rocket chronograph hand 🧐
    Edit: rocket on the dial not the hand. Still can’t find a pic

  • Anyone interested in a Squale Atmos 20 Root Beer in near enough brand new condition for £350? Drop me a PM if so

  • Summer watch on.

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  • I’d like to get the bracelet for my zenith but from zenith themselves I’ve been quoted £837 +VAT! Anyone have a better idea about where to find one. EBay not coming up with anything better.

  • Thanks, it’s very well proportioned, the small improvements really do it for me compared to the previous generation..

    Classic no date date vibe, just the perfect everyday piece..

  • Related to some of the previous conversations, what's the best place to sell a standard issue moonwatch these days? 311. hesalite/steel version.

  • Noooooooooooooo!

    But probably Reddit.com/r/watchexchange to get max profits due to no seller fees.

  • You could list it here. It's probably not the best place for number of eyeballs who are going to see it but it could be a quick and pain free sale if someone was looking for one.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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