What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Capsoil watches from u boat all have a compensation bubble. I believe the bubble shrinks the further I dive and/or temperature changes, I’m not likely to go more than 20m deep, the drop off is about 50m off shore where I am currently in Barbados. The watch needs a full service every two years where oil is replaced then pressure tested at 200m back at HQ. This tech is a nod to nautical equipment generally. The watch is fully immersed, the dial appears darker the hands more pronounced. More diving planned here

  • Why such a short service interval?

  • Their prices - I guess it depends on how much that same off the shelf movement would cost in a watch from a lesser brand? I've got a Seiko that I liked the colour of. The plain steel and blue version of the same model cost about half when I bought mine. Meaning I paid a 100% premium for aesthetics only. I don't regret it, but of course, there comes a point where paying extra for having your movement in a nicer looking case just becomes silly.

    Movements aren't everything - depends how much it matters to you. Nothing at all wrong with the Sellita / ETA movements at Sinn's price point, and also it often doesn't follow that an "in-house" movement in another brand is necessarily going to be better.

    For the sake of argument, would there be any reason to consider Sinn watches gimmicky in any way?

    Don't think so. They're quite WYSIWYG. You could maybe argue that the recent limited run 556s that copy the Rolex Oyster Perpetual colours were a bit gimmicky, but they look quite nice I think.

  • Getting married tomorrow, gone for these for the day.

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  • Congratulations, have a great day!

  • no mention of the Sinn Navitimers? theres an interesting story behind how they came about.

  • Probably due to battery life.. I tend to stop the watch when not in use..

    to replace battery a full service is required

  • Same for my Hydromax, except the battery lasts 7 years

  • Every common micro brand will do an SW200 or equivalent for somewhere between £800 and £2k depending on the case and finishing. A well tuned version should keep time pretty well, a straight from the factory version could be +-2 mins a week similar to a seiko 5. Sinn are at the top end of the price scale but they're more established and more reliable than a random micro brand. I put them in the same bucket as Doxa.

  • ^ but also Tudor, Breitling and IWC still use decorated / lightly modified ETAs in their watches which are significantly more expensive. So I don’t think Sinn are toppy for the movement inside, though you could argue that they should cost less than those brands because there is less fine finishing work going into them (eg most Sinn cases are just matte blasted and they rarely have applied markers on the dial).

  • I read a few comments from original Pelagos owners that the fact it’s an ETA movement make it a lots easier for them to get it serviced than an in-house movement.

  • The CW Colchester I have has a Sellita SW200 COSC Automatic. It keeps impecable time. To the point that I just checked and it's bang on, and I last adjusted the time when the clocks changed march 27th.

  • Congrats, hope you have a fantastic day - the watches look great.

  • That's really good. CW are constantly tempting for me. They don't outright say they're tuning the movements but they're at least engraving the rotor so I'd expect they test them before putting them in the case. It's something that annoys me about Seikos generally, they always seem to run inconsistently, some weeks slower than others but always noticeable.

  • Shameless boast post

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  • Two croissants? Pah, I've got more than that in the fridge.

  • Went to see the OAK collection at the design museum this morning. Insane collection, obviously, but it did confirm to me that I’m not really a Patek guy.

    No photos as they all came out terrible, but some details and pics here:


  • You got a very skinny right legs.

  • Agree, I’m always on the fence with CW, I like their C63.

  • You keep your croissants in the fridge!? You monster!

  • No knife, jam, marmalade or plate either.
    thats nothing to boast about.
    i bet that coffee is out of a jar or Clooney cyst too.

  • eBay actually, was only £100 too good to be true

  • Yeah, the ketchup goes in the cupboard to make space

  • No knife, jam, marmalade or plate either.

    thats nothing to boast about.
    i bet that coffee is out of a jar or Clooney cyst too

    Busted. Nescafe and long life pastries from a foil pack.

  • Congrats! Wishing you a fantastic day!

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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