What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Crikey. I am so glad that my watch obsession is over. Only Japan could spawn that beauty.

  • Yeh that looks stunning

  • So nice.

    These are very beautiful as well…

  • Just stunning. Almost a crime to put a Miyota in that thing tbh. Hands, dial and numerals all doing a lot for me, though.

  • How they still only uploading in 1080p. Cheez.

  • Also, seriously in love with the numerals on this

  • Just lovely

  • I’d rather have actual captioning.

  • Was literally just reading the HODINKEE comments about the price. This one summed it up perfectly:

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  • Yeah I wasn’t sure about the numerals, but once I saw they’re engraved they make a lot more sense. Overall design of the watch is beautiful though, the dial and hands are “just so”.

  • I’ve handled the light blue dial “Seiji” one and it didn’t blow me away in the metal. It had slight microbrand vibes for me - nice, but didn’t feel special. The dial on the new forest green one is on a different level though.

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  • Random question - does anyone have an isophrane strap and is it really that much better than a cheap £15 knock off version from ebay? I keep looking at one for my Alsta but the £135 ish price tag is rather off putting!

  • The timefactors one is nicer than the cheapies, but still not as good as isofrane. The real one is really good, but is there honestly ever really a world where the gains from a watch strap that costs 10 times more than another are anything other than subjective? It’s better, but not 10 times better. Marginal gains.

  • I bought the Omega déployant clasp for the rally strap on my Speedmaster- the strap is nice, the way it meets the case unique, but it’s the clasp that makes a difference I think more than the strap.

  • Sure but you could say that about anything - put a giant price tag on it, make it exclusive and wait for the right person to turn up. Still a terrible value proposition!

  • yes, Chrono24 suggest a price for your watch if you wish, but someone is trying to do rather well. As I understand it, Richard and Maria can sell what they produce, so an aftermarket happens, but they do not fuel it.

  • Little bit Fred Flintone imo. #fontsnob

  • Taking shelter from the rain this morning and found myself trying this on… I like the size, colour was nice in the flesh as well…

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  • I've got a £100 off voucher for Tissot, in case anyone is considering one of these.

  • V nice

  • How does one acquire a £100 off voucher for Tissot (apart from doing a deal on your of course)?

  • You could try buying a vintage watch, have it stop working and send it in to repair to be told it's obsolete and they can't fix it.

  • I begrudgingly coughed up for a new Omega alligator strap for my Speedmaster, the deployant is an absolute joy. For the WIS’s this is the speedy reduced version with the more curved, case hugging ends. I feel like a brown strap with a black dial is a sign I’m firmly embracing middle age.

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  • Did you get it from Omega?

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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