What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Value is relative…

    That preorder price has passed by the way, next preorder window the price is 5500 CHF.

  • The green dial looks nice I think.

  • Is micro rotor difficult?

  • This one?

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  • It’s unconventional and a bit harder to make work (because you have less torque going into the winding mechanism). Mostly it’s because if you want to do a thin (sub-4mm) automatic GMT with day/night and a power reserve you have to design and build it yourself. No off the shelf movement to base it on.

    That’s why the price is impressive. Like their tourbillon - I think the preorder price for those was “only” about 7k. No one else doing that kind of stuff at the price.

  • Yes but the black dial version, with a black strap rather than the brown they use 👍🏻

  • Being tempted by the 39mm glycine combat sub. I have the 42 and it great but just too large... This would be ideal. Nice at 11mm thick too.

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  • @sumo posted last week 🥸

  • Ahh damn, hard to keep up!

  • Terrible hangover this morning, lot of water, yogurt and green watch, not sure if it help anyway..

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  • Excellent.. thank you

  • https://youtu.be/lZLi4slVWOM

    B&J Some nice footage.

    @Stonehedge you'll like this. Matterhorn in all its glory!

  • It's clever, I'm not completely sold on the design, but clever goes a long way.

    However, what's the resale likely to be? Not that I've sold many watches, but avoiding taking a big hit if/when is desirable.

  • Your guess is as good as mine. There's one pre-owned Horage (a tourbillon) on C24 that's around its original retail price. Who knows.

    If you want a GMT that's an investment, you're probably going to have to buy a GMT-Master II or Explorer II, or buy second hand if you don't want to take the initial hit.

  • Not worn this for awhile. Happy Tuesday.

  • So, this is way nicer in blue.

    I also have to row back my comments about the case finishing a bit, I still think it’s not as sharp as it might be, but I noticed that the case flank is actually a curved surface, not flat. That explains why it looked like it was distorting a bit when I first saw one.

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  • well shit, maybe I need a holiday for my watch too

  • Got this a while back.. very cheap and cheerful and surprising quality.. the sunburst dial is nice along with the ceramic aftermarket bezel..

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  • I seem to remember your Longines went on quite a nice looking holiday.

  • But it wasn't a holiday just for the watch. I'll have to go back.

  • Be an Instagram Rolex wanker instantly, for the low low price of ???*


    *probably about $350-400k

  • Horage with their upcoming GMT

    Cheers for posting this. On paper this is pretty much my dream watch.

    Just wish I had the five k spare and ability to try them on. I think atoll blue looks the best, with en trend green a close runner up. The orange accents seem to work better with those than the black and white. Although on a smaller watch with a bezel white might make it look more substantial. All in all definitely one of those where it would be nice to see how the different colours wear in person.

    Also I've got to say hats off to them with the bezel. I'm usually not that big a fan of steel bezels. But the closer you look, the more you can see how thoughtfully designed it is.

  • Such a weak 'collection'. It's all duplicates.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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