What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Nice to see they made an actual GMT of the Timex Q. I think it looks quite fun. Anyone tried a Q on?

  • I really like the look of this was and was ready to pull the trigger on the pepsi, but already sold out :(

  • Talking about GMT, I’ve been enjoying this a lot.

    Any watch places to check out in New York?

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  • A GMT in actual use! This is like when Aroogah takes his dive watch diving.

  • Thought I'd get the seiko kinetic out for work today as it was in danger of stopping as I've not worn it for ages.

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  • Agreed. Saw one yesterday, gave me bvlgari serpenti because of the segments to the bracelet.

  • Great piece that 👍🏻

  • Aged lume colour inspiration found.

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  • 'Normal stuff'.... Watches of Switzerland on Greene Street is nice. Everything else I can think of is kinda whack tbh. Wempe on 5th Ave is okay. Just standard watch stores. GS 'boutique' sucks. It's just a Seiko store with some GS's.

    But if you want high end, F.P. Journe and Lange are on Madison. I've never been into either of them but have walked past them plenty of times. Look nice.

  • Oh no, it’s a annoying, isn’t it? I remember being quite lucky with the GS. They could do with a bit more adjustment for sure. BB58 looks great 💪

  • Proper watch. Or is it…? (Tongue in cheek)

  • Do they not have a micro adjust on the clasp?

  • If the Tudor had a half link or the GS a micro adjust both would work. My in season/off season weight only varies by 3-4 kg max but even that really affects the fit of a bracelet on me. The Tudor actually felt pretty comfortable today but still left a noticeable dent by the end of my shift

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  • Tudor has 1/2 links worth of micro adjust but no 1/2 link and GS has 2x half links but no micro adjust so between them they make the perfect bracelet. Despite this guaranteed the next watch i buy will be on a bracelet as well and one that won't fit because it'll probably be a GS

  • These Helsons look shinier than mine.

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  • New watch day. Apologies for lamentable photography skills.

    Will probably give it an anti-reflective crystal without the cyclops.

  • Dang. Rolex QC gone downhill 🤡

  • Thanks, likewise your 6105 👌

  • Here it is from another angle.

  • Lol. Nice one lifting the image of a genuine watch from this Time and Tide review..

  • 😂 state of the crystal on that. Pengy SELs, wonky day wheel and markers are too squared off. If you’re buying a moody Rolex at least do your research.

  • It is what it is. Research isn't going to lead me to a magically better fake. But I'm happy to have triggered some pompous answers. Do show us your real one. They're only £70,000 at Ch24.

  • Research could 100% lead you to a magically better fake

  • 😂😂😂 all your gassing about fakes and you’ve managed to buy that turkey.

    You could have got a cracker of a G shock but each to their own.

  • Now I get it, eco-Rolex

    Man got it triple glazed...

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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