What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • That is a great design, isn’t it.

  • Where you doing stuff for Archie?

  • Starting off a week of travel by heading over to London

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  • Quite tempted by this Tornek Rayville reissue..

    I thought my Bianchi JB200 would satisfied my appetite for obscur dive watch with military background, not enough it seems

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  • WoS in broadgate circle is pretty good - the team there have been pretty helpful.

  • It is a ballpoint but it was dibsed within minutes. Judging by the amount of messages I've had it for it appears i underpriced it a little but I've bought a nice bottle of single malt with the money so I'm happy

  • I tried to get them but they sold out the moment I placed the order.

  • @Howard has it 100% right.

    Seriously, buy her a watch as a wedding present and get the engagement ring for your engagement.

  • Ha! Understand the point of view but I think she’s pretty set on what she wants. IIRC her words were “I’m not wearing an engagement ring if you aren’t” :-D

  • What's stopping you?

  • No, seriously, you have to head this one off at the pass. Get her a fucking ring, so that when things aren't so great, she can't say and you didn't even get me a ring

  • If you think she's pretty set on what she wants you should do just that. When was the last time you went against her wishes and it turned out for the best?

  • Yeah pretty cool. Isn’t it some cheap Chinese movement though and now they’re almost £1000?

  • New watch roll turned up today. On sale from mainspring and it's decent I'm really happy with it for £36 its nice on the inside but a bit plasticy on the outside arguably not ninety quids worth if the rrp is genuine but with quality leather rolls coming in at £300-400 maybe. My logic behind buying a 3 watch case was so i wouldn't buy any more watches for a while so lets see how that goes :Note to self stop looking at watches every day then because that might help as well !

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  • Yeah, did all the printing for his show but this was gilding for someone else.

  • @Howard @Retro_Bastard good to have both points of view… will reflect!

  • If you wanted to cover your arse here you could take a look somewhere like 77 diamonds and pick up something nice just incase that won't dent the watch budget significantly whilst still making the watch your main focus. Goldsmiths do have a diamond sale on atm as well so could cover both bases for you. We went the other way with an expensive engagement ring an a reasonably priced longines as a gift but thats because my wife wanted a ring and the watch for her was an afterthought after looking at watches fot my gift.

  • Nice collection

    But you should know a three roll is only for your travels. Evening, daily and adventure...

    From your 36 box at home.

  • It’s interesting that you partner has said she’d like a watch. From my own experience the engagement ring has given much more joy/delight than any of the watches my wife has and it felt much more personal and significant to me. Though diamond shopping is much more stressful than watch shopping imo!

  • I thought I recognised the backdrop from his stories 😄

  • It's ok, it's a fake Panerai assolutement strap, so it's designed to get wet.

  • 36mm oyster perpetual would be my vote . Looks lovely on a lady . I would stay on the low side of your range , which keeps it wearable .

  • Internet advice from a random stranger: Like it or not her friends and family will judge you poorly if you don’t get her an engagement ring, even if they don’t say so explicitly to either of you. All marriages go through tough times and you absolutely need them to be supportive of your marriage when that happens rather than say and he didn't even get you a ring

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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