What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Didnt someone here get a Cartier Santos 39mm??? I think i remember it was a photo taken in the wild....

  • Alsal on The Strand have been good with stuff I’ve had repaired and serviced (a Rolex, a breitling and a magrette)

  • JB has/had(?) one but it was the regular/medium size no-date model, which I think is 35mm.

  • What is a list of the best made steel watch bracelets at specific price points?

    If Rolex has these fantastic bracelets (i agree), what other brands have out of this world man-bangles?

    Who competes with Rolex on the bracelet front? GS? Tudor? Cartier?


  • Bracelets on the 1970s Panorama Date range from Glashutte Original are excellent.

  • 1970s Panorama Date range from Glashutte Original

    Have you had hands on with the Seventies Panorama Date GO? I think its a very good looking watch that.

  • Its 35mm. I am selling it. It's too shiny for my lifestyle. Just haven't got around to it yet. There's literally no moment in time that I can wear it sensibly. If I am not at home, I am either walking dogs, hiking or maybe even riding a bike once in a blue moon.

  • Rolex are the best. The Royal Oak is very special though. I don't know how good the Nautilus bracelet is in absolute terms but it doesn't look all that great.

    Grand Seiko make excellent bracelets (check out how the edges of the links are very slightly bevelled for comfort) with average end links. Their bracelets are made a little looser and less "tight" than a Rolex oyster, apparently that's the way the Japanese market likes them. The bracelet on the SBGK009 is amazing if you like shiny multi-link bracelets. Very well made and finished.

    Tudor make good bracelets for the money with good end links. Omega are massively variable - some good, some awful. The most recent Speedmaster clasps are getting much better though.

    Breitling bracelets are very good IMO.

    Worst bracelet I've seen for its price point is the one on the Zenith A384 reissue - nothing wrong with the links themselves but the end links and clasp are both stamped and folded sheet metal. Supposedly it's a deliberate recreation of the vintage Gay Frères one, but on a modern £7500 watch, hollow end links and sharp edged clasps can do one IMO.

  • "Sofa watch" (© inchpincher)

  • Hopefully going to pick up a Cartier Solarbeat at the weekend!

    Look forward to hearing your hands-on thoughts, really caught my eye when first announced.

  • Whats the bracelet like?

  • Exactly the same for me with my Santos either bike,run, baby or dog related outdoors stuff most days. I could wear it at work but i ride or run commute so don't want to wear it for that and don't really want to leave it in a drawer when I'm not there either so as lovely as it is i probably only wear it a couple of times a year so time for something different. Maybe i should make more of an effort and stop being such a scruffy bastard as I've got a couple of nice suits and shoes that i hardly wear either for the same reasons. My inox carbon has been great for its intended purpose. Decent enough looking and proving really durable so far.

  • I've been looking at leather straps for my SBGPO13 as the the lack of micro adjust is leaving it a little either way on the fit and GS have got new leather straps and clasps arriving August all nothing ground breaking but I'll at least grab a clasp. Plus this just popped up on my feed and its really one for the wank bank

    EDIT: Just realised that's probably all old news by now

  • The live photos here are superb:


    Re: straps, highly highly recommend Camille Fournet. I put an ostrich leather one on my GS (I didn't like the colour of the OEM one) and it's super nice and now I want CF straps on all my watches. :(

  • Thanks they look nice but the dark blue option may a bit bright and @panic sent me the link for his lovely new JLC style strap which I my current favourite so may get that and add the GS clasp when they arrive.

  • Unironically Tag do great bracelets

  • Tag is what parents gift to college graduates.. :)

  • Just stumbled upon the watch I bought as I always wanted it when I was 8 or so . Really needs a sound clip .

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  • Some tough diving watches

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  • I’ve been thinking about SBGP003 lately. Can someone please talk me out of it?

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  • someone please talk me out of it

  • No it’s great

  • Missed this - just want to say I appreciate your flex content on here wholeheartedly 😎

  • Yeah - I really like the Santos and seeing @JB rock his along with the info I read kn the Solarbeat and the fact it’s a leather strap make me like it

  • I have. About 3 years ago and nearly got one for a great price but it fell through.

    The blue dial is not for me, the grey is the one I would go for.

    I would also get the leather strap with it.

    I think the bracelet is a level above the one on my 2017 Datejust

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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