What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • mission to uranus

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  • You rang?

    Happy to walk over and grab you one for £25k, cheaper than eBay and makes more sense than this threads favourite contributor

  • Hmm . I imagine queues will start from early hours Saturday , not exactly a well kept secret . So that me out then , only chance is if they make loads of em

  • The marketing guys and girls must be high fiving each other like crazy that they’ve managed to convince people to camp overnight outside a Swatch store in 2022.

  • Two please, happy and of course eager to pay you a consideration but my offer would be very slightly under 25k per watch.

  • This. Corporations are your new God.

  • That's understandable, I think the eBay price is linked to the weight of the planet the watch is on a mission to get too, so if you wanted a Mercury for instance, then it should obviously be cheaper, which would then lessen the camping/queuing/fighting a security guard based incurred costs.

  • It's a great collab but it has a lot to do with timing. Everything since LV X Supreme to Primark X Greggs sold out in days. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/325059008311
    Too many of these and the novelty will wear off to the point of being meaningless

  • don't forget Lidl sneakers in the trainers chat too

  • The price point makes it perfect for flippers imo which is a bit of a shame. I’m going for a run at 6am tomorrow anyway and so plan to swing past the store and check out the queue - if it’s not outrageous I’ll get in line. Question is does my 5m old daughter count as a customer?

  • I've still got a pair of those BNWT if anyone wants them

  • Haa! Definitely, 42mm, she'll grow into it!

  • Staff in the Oxford St Swatch were very vague about how many they had in stock (unsurprisingly) but they said they’d taken the phone off the hook as they were getting so many calls.

  • Facebook post


    Many thanks for contacting Swatch.

    Our 11 Omega x Swatch watches go on sale at 9am this Saturday 26th March 2022 in selected stores:

    London Oxford Street
    London Carnaby Street
    London Covent Garden
    Edinburgh Princes Street

    and we do recommend customers interested in purchasing to make their way to the store early as we are expecting large queues. We cannot advise on exact quantities available in store either.

    Please be aware that purchases of our special product are strictly limited to 2x per customer and that we cannot reserve stock under any situation, these are purely first come first serve, basis. These are not available to purchase online at the moment.

    Many thanks for your understanding and we hope to see you on Saturday 26th!

    If you are unable to make it to a store, they will be available to purchase at a later date and possibly online but we cannot confirm when this will be at the moment. This is not a limited edition.”

  • Sorry. My assumption that it is £250.

    I honestly thought they looked really flat and unattractive. Good colour schemes but like moulded Lego.

    I am happy I saw them as I wanted one and now I don't.

  • Hi, I have had this Seiko watch sitting around for years, it doesn't fit me as the fixed bracelet means you will need (very) small wrists for it to fit. No idea what its worth but if anyone is interested let me know. Thought there might be someone given the Seiko following. Cheers

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  • Sounds to me like you're trying to put off the competition 😎

  • Also the two purchased can't be of the same colour.

    They come on a standard strap length, apart from the pink which is shorter. Longer or large ones will apparently be available in the future.

  • in 3 weeks time you can wander into a shop, try them on at leisure, have a bit of a ponder and buy one for £250 and wear it whenever you have to go somewhere stabby and not lose your proper watch.

    anyone wanting to camp out on a cold pavement and post an unboxing video of a plastic watch popped out of a mould really needs to reboot their mindset.

  • Cue pic of zombie hoardz

  • This is not a limited edition.

    Can't be a collab with Omega then...

  • Pink one is shorter?! FFS this is 2022.

    And I want a pink one

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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